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I believe that Carmine had been unethical, why, because Carmine told his father and two of his uncles about the company improving beforehand. And he also intends to tell some of his other relatives about the improved profit picture prior to the time the initial stock offering is made, not all. This is not the proper way a company runs, Carmine should have shared the news about the company and its profits improving at the shareholder’s meeting.

Yes it is ethical for Carmine to let his relatives know that the company is doing well and that they will be receiving profits this year, why, because most of his relatives are the shareholders of the company. Shareholders are a part of the company because they have invested in it.

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If I was advising Carmine about ethics in relation with the organization, I would tell him that ethics deals with internal values that are a part of corporate culture and shapes decisions which concern social responsibility with respect to the external environment, therefore it is important that he himself also follows the code of ethics. And he needs to remember one thing and that is there are great deals of companies that get into trouble with the simplified view that choices are governed either by law or free choice if the code of ethics are not followed properly.

A Friend for Life Question 1 The recommendation given by the marketing vice president is legal but it is not ethical, why, because he is suggesting that the company should use the substitute of the fur and let the customers know that they are using the expensive one. Even though it is legal for the company to use substitute materials for their products but it is unethical of them by not telling the public that what kind of substituting material they are using in the product and letting them believe the materials they are using are long-lasting.

It would be unethical if the firm used the less expensive simulated fur but did not change its slogan of “A Friend for Life” and then did not tell the buyer about the change in the production process, why, because the company is selling the bears at its original price while using cheaper products which would only last 8 or so months, when the slogan indicates that it is going to last for a lifetime . It is important to let the buyers know about the change in the production process beforehand, or else the company would damage its reputation within the market.

The advises that I would give to Paula is that to let the buyers know about the change in the production process, this way the company would not be faced with challenges. She needs to remember one thing and that is ethical challenges arise in the organization when in a situation each alternative choice or behavior in undesirable because of potentially harmful ethical consequences. Right and wrong is not clearly identifiable in the situation.

The consequences of these challenges would be that the company can get sued, might damage its reputation within the market and the industry etc. these are the things she needs to keep in mind before making the right decision. Creative thinking here did help the product to become of the biggest successes within the market. The four steps which led to the development of this product are; the manager needed something better than bookmarks to help him locates the pages he marked quickly.

He needed something that would adhere to the page buy not tear it,  this led him to ask around the research and development department whether such an adhesive product existed and he found out that it did,  the manager requested for a batch of glue to be prepared and applied to small pieces of paper that could be used as bookmarks and 4the manager then had a large batch of the “attachable” notes-now called Post-it notes-made, and he began distributing them to secretaries throughout the company. And before long, more people began to ask for them.

The manager sent the Post-It notes to the secretaries throughout the company to find out the whether the demand for the Post-It notes existed or not and if it did exist would it be strong or not. And the manger found out that there was a strong demand existed thought the industry for these notes. The Post-It notes innovation was an extension of a product. The manager was looking for something that would help him locates the pages he marked quickly, he asked around in his workplace and he found out that if an adhesive existed that would do this.

One did, but it never had been marketed because the company found that the adhesive was not strong enough for industrial use. The sources of innovative ideas which help to account for this product’s success are; sticky small pieces of paper which work as a bookmark and can be used by secretaries to attach messages to files, and by the managers to send notes along with letters and memos.


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