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Investment activity forms independent kind of money flows of enterprise which differ in separate periods by its directivity. 6. Specific kind of risks united with notion "investment risk" [4] refers to investment activity of enterprise. All the directions of investment activity of enterprise are carried out at the expense of investment resources, effective use of which will increase efficiency of production, level of competitiveness of products, will contribute to dynamic development of economical processes.

So, investment activity can be considered as he sum of practical actions of legal persons, state and citizens relatively to realization of investments intended to provision of effective performance of investment strategy at separate stages of economy development by way of accelerating, realization of investment programs, minimization of investment risks, increasing of financial stability and paying capacities which will result in promotion of high rates of economical development. As a basis of investment activity there is conversion of investments occurring according to the scheme: capital forming - investment of resources (investing) - profit earning [1].

Development and decision- making as per investment at enterprise is complicated with different factors, restricting its development, namely: investment kind; cost of investment project; multiplicity (development multi-version) accessibility of investment projects; limitation of funding sources (financial resources), available for investment; risk connected with approval of one or another investment project (decision); imperfection of normative and legal basis regulating investment processes, uncertainty of economical situation in the country. At present some theoretical and practical questions connected with performance by the industrial enterprise of investment activity are rather actual. Investments in different forms provide stable development of enterprise and definite safety factor. This is especially an actual question in the modern Ukrainian conditions.

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