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Equality between Man and Women’s Controversy

Equality has been a controversial issue ever since time began.Whether it be race, sex, or religion, it has always been an unsettled topic of concern.Equality between men and women is often brought into society.

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I think men and women should be treated equal from all perspectives. Gender is what makes women different from men, but does not make women incapable of compiling valuable choices. Women and men have the ability to make decisions that will benefit all people in a fair way.

As it is, men are most often oted into our government for their ability to make law abiding decisions. It is my personnel belief that women have the intelligence to do the same. The views of John and Abigail Adams, as well as Benjamin Rush, illustrate the different opinions regarding John and Abigail Adams have animosity relating to the subject of equality. My interpretation is that Abigail Adams believes that women should be recognized in the republican society. Abigail threatens a rebellion if herself and other women are not given he attention and care they so desire.

She speaks of the neglect in education to the daughters whereas John thinks the sons are being deprived of education. John Adams plainly laughs at his wife”s remarks. He explains the turbulence that has broken out among governments everywhere, due to the absolute power of husbands over their wives. It is brought to me that John Adams believes, and will forever believe, in the absolute power of men in the republican society. Abigail Adams feels that women should have ore of an opportunity in the republican society.

John Adams believes that the masculine system is fine as it is. According to Benjamin Rush, women”s education is extremely important. He believes that female education should be accommodated to the welfare of society, manner, and the government of the country. As I understand it, Rush wants women to be educated in these things so that they can intelligently instruct their children in the same way. He ensures that learning vocal music will make domestic life more soothing and ossibly easier.

It will take away the distress of noisy children and a husband. Benjamin Rush looks highly upon novels and believes that reading them will make a young lady more of a humanitarian. He states that some men think of a woman that is educated in morals, physical and religious truth, is unfriendly to the domestic character of a women. He goes on to say that this statement is the prejudice of men with little minds. Primarily, Rush concludes that if females were better educated, they would be more useful in domestic life.

Children would learn wisdom in all aspects if their mothers were better educated. Benjamin Rush is a smart man and I agree with a lot of his writing. Men and women should always be treated as equals. John and Abigail had a different opinion on that. She believed they should and he believed they shouldn”t. Rush believed that if women were educated on the same things as men, life all together would Equality has long been a major issue in society. As for myself, there is no reason that any one person should be treated better or worse than the next.

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