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English Language Teaching Centre

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Please describe one good learning experience and one bad learning experience that you have had (not necessarily related to language learning). Please write approx. 150 words and use full sentences and paragraphs. A good learning experience was in the eleventh standard with the economics subject. Initially I could never build up interest in this subject and couldn't score well, leading to lack of confidence. In the twelfth standard with the change of the subject teacher, the situation reversed & I could build up interest in this subject. All because of the way she provided extra support in form of extra sessions and gave in more than 100%. Thanks to the turn of events I informally teach this subject to others now. My one bad learning experience was while learning to swim.

The lessons were at the shallow end of the pool and always under supervision. With time and growing confidence, I attempted swimming the entire length of the pool without supervision. I always had a fear of the deep waters and that day the manifestation turned true. I got breathless mid-way & my goggles slipped above my forehead. Due to the panic & blurred vision, I kept bobbing in the water for quite a while before the coach intervened.

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Please explain why you would like to do the CELTA course? Do not write more than 150 words and please use full sentences and paragraphs. The foremost reason to apply for the CELTA course is to begin acquiring in-depth knowledge of the oral and written English language.

As Said, it would be a beginning, a foundation stone which will be strengthened further by pursuing a Master’s degree course in the language. The prerogative to do it is to help spread the language to individuals who aspire to use it as a stepping stone into their respective fields of interest. There has been a great motivation behind this, who is my Mother. She has been a teacher since almost 25 years and the difference she has made in the lives of her pupils, has been a great inspiration. I intend to emulate a fraction of that feat, but on a different set of learners. The fact that there is a lot of knowledge that remains to be acquired to sharpen my skills, I chose to apply for the CELTA certification.

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