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Engineers Contributions

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Society’s standards always change and engineers contribute to society by meeting these demands. Engineers create technology and devices that people use day to day. They innovate current technology by making it more practical and improving the quality to satisfy consumers. When society’s trends and fads change, engineers comply by redesigning products to accommodate for the changes. Engineers save time and money for every one by speeding up processes and cutting down production costs through efficiency. Society relies on engineers every day.

Engineers create and develop various transportation modes, communicational devices and infrastructures that people use on a daily basis. Society uses technology that engineers construct. Many people in society use transportation technology to get to their destinations. Many people drive cars, take the train or bus and ride bicycles. Without engineers, all these transportation modes would cease to exist. Engineers play a major role in vehicle production and efficiency. Without communicational technology society cannot function and would crumble down.

Communication takes part in every person’s life through different avenues. People use phones, e-mail and social networks on the internet to communicate with one another. Engineers developed these communicational technologies and continue to find ways to improve it. They discover ways to help society use technology by making it more practical. Practicality embodies an engineer’s mindset and this mentality contributes to society’s economy. Engineers stimulate society’s economy by allowing people to save money.

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Businesses hire engineers to help their production efficiency and to find ways to cut costs. Engineers redesign products so that they require less material but serve the same functions and capabilities. They find ways to boost the speed it takes to make each product. This allows the company to create more products per day and saves time. With the costs decreasing and production increasing, business can sell their goods for cheaper. Products that only the wealthy society could afford, such as televisions and cars, are now common amenities that many families have today.

People can afford to buy vital products such as medicine at an affordable price. Engineers cut production time and costs to allow consumers to save money but always put safety as a priority. Engineers continually explore methods to ensure society’s safety. They look for ways to improve the environment’s health. They minimalize air pollution caused by cars and factories by producing eco-friendly products and components. Engineers improve land conditions for people and animals so that they may live in suitable conditions.

The water that people drink goes through a purification and safety process that engineers conduct. Engineers perform test to validate a building’s integrity through simulated earthquakes and wind speeds. Every vehicle a person drives goes through multiple collision examinations and redesigned multiple times by engineers to ensure the highest safety ratings. The roads that people drive on have speed limits specifically analyzed and set by engineers to reduce accidents. Engineers secure the society’s safety while progressing and planning for the future.

Engineers constantly conform to society’s changing needs through innovation. With gas prices increasing rapidly, engineers develop electronic cars and maximize the vehicle’s miles per gallon ratio. People want computers to have better processors, load programs quicker, and carry less weight for traveling. Engineers have configured these electronic devices to perform at faster speeds and reduced material use to enhance the product’s portability. Society wants technology to keep developing with new inventions to provide more comfortability and less work.

Engineers hold the key ingredient for technology innovation and they continue to cater to society’s demands. People may not notice the direct contributions that engineers give to society but society can’t function without them. Every infrastructure in this nation is designed with maximum efficiency and practicality by an engineer. The amount that engineers contribute to society measures from small inventions such as a mechanical pencil to as large as a robot landing on the planet Mars. Society will always need engineers and engineers will always contribute to society.

Engineers Contributions essay

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