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Elderly Abuse

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Everyone has the right to be protected in any means of abuse. Abuse of the elders will be considered as one of the worst. Elders are so vulnerable from such abuse causing them to feel distrustful and alone. Incidents of abuse are commonly occurring in nursing home facilities, impatient mental health hospitals, or within the person’s residence where the elders are not treated as how they should be.

Abuse may come in verbal, physical, or even sexual means. Most of the victims were left with bruises, wounds, broken bones, or bed sores. Even worse, many suffer from trauma. Every year, many thousands of elderly abuse incidents are recorded. The sad part of it was most of the elders suffered the abuse, neglect, and extortion from their own family, relatives, and other persons in contact with them.

In California, and in every other states of the United States of America, care givers and every other direct care workers ranked number one from the ones who commit the responsibility of such abuse. These include the physical abuse through hitting of any object and mishandling of the elders causing to bruises, sexual abuse from mean touching to rape, mental abuse implied with screaming and yelling to the victim, medical mistreatment through improper usage of drugs and inadequate treatment of sicknesses, and extortion.

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Elderly Abuse

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Abandonment would be another type of abuse wherein the caretaker always leaves the elder alone, causing the victim to be very inferior and just choose to isolate his/her self. There are many signs that may help you know if your elders are suffering from abuse and neglect. They always experience depression, confusion, dementia, and anger. How will the abuse be stopped? It will be possible through prevention. Once you noticed some signs of abuse, try to report it to your officials as soon as possible.

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