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Edgar Allan Poe

In regards to post number one, the fact that you are interested in Edgar Allan Poe and enjoy his writing will help your research, undoubtedly. You will already have formed some sort of opinion about his writings and be able to pursue your research with questions you already have. Be careful to avoid authorial intent; however. We can never surely say why a writer wrote something or how he wanted it to be interpreted unless he had specifically stated it elsewhere.

You can draw connections between his life and his writing, but be sure to avoid saying things like, “this is the reason” for a certain poem, or that Poe intended for one of his writings to reflect a certain event in his life. Remain separate from your thesis (do not become emotionally attached since you already have a connection to his work), and ponder and prove without trying to prove authorial intent. In regards to post number two, I’d have to say, I’m sorry, but this is a weak thesis.

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It has no connection to the literature at all. It is simply a biography. You should include some elements of Poe’s life in any paper that you write, but a paper simply detailing his life has no argument, no thesis, and ultimately, little point. Try to maybe pick out elements in a couple pieces of his works that you can compare or contrast such as the use of color in “Masque of the Red Death” and another work of your choice. You can analyze a few poems that have similar elements as well.

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