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Does Dietary Supplements Safe

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Just like anything there are good things and bad things that can come along with it. Our bodies need certain things such as nutrients, water and even certain minerals to survive and be healthy. Although many times we lack getting the correct amounts so there are things that are made to help make sure we get the amount needed. One of these things that are made for us to help in our daily diet is dietary supplements.

Many people think of dietary supplements as containing just one type of thing such as minerals, but in reality there are different dietary supplements that are meant for different things. A dietary supplement has a basic definition of dietary supplements are vitamins, minerals, herbs and other substances that are meant to better someone’s diet. A dietary supplement can come in many different shapes and sizes such as pills, powders, capsules and even liquids.

Many of these dietary supplements can help a person’s health out greatly, such as a pregnant woman taking folic acid while help prevent some birth defects for their baby (MedlinePlus, 2012). When it comes to taking dietary supplements there are positive benefits for taking them. It is proven that if a person eats a well-balanced diet they should be able to get enough of the vitamins, minerals and such that they need, but If a person’s body is lacking taking a dietary supplement can make up for that. Dietary supplements are also used as a therapeutic measure toward certain health conditions or risk factors.

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One of the main supplements that are used to treat something is Iron; this is used to keep a person from getting anemia which is an iron deficiency (Perry, 2011). There are also risks that occur with using dietary supplements that range from different levels and even things. In the United States dietary supplements are not watched and regulated as strictly as drugs are. Although it is stated that they may not sell unsafe products there are many product out there being sold as dietary supplements and they are not.

Some of these products are weight loss products, muscle building products, and even sexual enhancers. It can also be dangerous if a person is taking too much of a supplement, such as vitamin B6 which can cause nerve damage if taken in big doses for a long time. A person should also always check with their doctors before taking any dietary supplements because it can react to medication a person is on or some should be avoided before surgery’s (Perry, 2011). Although there are many different regulations out there for medications there are only certain ones for dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements are not watched very closely and are not made to register with the FDA. They are still required to tell the FDA what adverse effects occur with dietary supplements such as injuries and illnesses, and they are also made to make sure that the labels are not misleading and the product is safe. The best way to know if a dietary supplement is safe is by purchasing it under something called the good manufactured practices program. This program has strict and detailed guidelines for making products meant for any consumption by a person (Marks, 2011).

There are many different dietary supplements out there on the market meant to aid in certain ailments. One supplement is called Nature’s own travel well ginger, which is meant to help manage motion sickness. Many travelers or people period get motion sickness from different things such as driving to even seasickness. However, this medication does not help with nausea and vomiting it also helps with digestion, abdominal or intestinal cramping, and even maintaining healthy digestive function.

The dosages for this supplement is to take one pill a half hour before traveling and every two hours after as needed, but do not exceed more than three per day. It states that there are nothing showing of negatives to treat this ailment but if the issue persists that the person should contact their doctor (My Health Warehouse, 2012). As it has been proven there are plenty of positives about dietary supplements but one still needs to be wary about them.

It may be something that will or can help you to lose weight but remember that dietary supplements do not need to be watched over by the FDA. In the past people did not have any of these dietary supplements to aid in anything. Exercise and a good and healthy diet can make a big difference in a person (Marks, 2011).

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