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A Reflection on My Tendency to Stress, Future Goals, and the Plan to Take Vitamin Supplements

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I took the self-assessment Dr.Oz Real Age test to see what my results would be. I wasn't able to answer all the questions properly but when I took it I found out that my Real Age was 19.5. That is a year and half older than my calendar age. The reason for me being older I think am I have an tendency to stress over college and personal issues in life. I haven't been to the doctor's office in about 2 to 3 years now. I plan to make changes in life so I can become younger and stress less in life and enjoy life instead.

Whenever I watched the video on the discussion board I found it very motivational to myself. I also have a problem about complaining in life thinking life will get easier if I complain but everybody knows that never works. I plan to change that and complain less about life and just do the work I am told to and I have to do. I believe I don't appreciate life as much as I should because many other people out in the world have it worse than I do. Overall, if I had six months to live I would want it to be with the ones I love and leave my family with happy memories of me and for them appreciate life and work hard to become successful in the future.

Since I do not taking any vitamin supplements or any iron supplements I visited the University of Berkley website and looked at the link of vitamins are good to consume on a weekly basics. I learned taking Vitamin D would help you with growth and the development of bones in young children and adults. Also, I believe I should take Vitamin D because whenever I play basketball or any sport that requires an abundance of running my leg starts to hurt and at times I will get back pain/problems.

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This week consisted of working on all my papers in my English class. I use to slack off in high school and I wanted to make the change and finish my work from ahead of time and not procrastinate. I have finished majority of my schoolwork so I could enjoy the weekend with my family. My goal this semester is to get all A's so I can keep a 4.00 GPA and make my parents proud and myself proud also. My main goal in life is just to be successful in life and retire my parents in the future. The reason why I would like to do this for my family is because their whole life they worked hard to raise me and put to through school so I believe I should return back what they have given me. Ever since college I have been stressing from all the work because I wasn't use to it but I think I am progress as time moves. I hope I can fulfill all my dreams and make my family happy one day in the future.

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