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Week 6 The DNP Project Describe a needs or change related to a practice environment, include your rationale for why this situation warrants attention Explain how your participation in a specific professional organization could be beneficial as you attempt to affect positive change in your identified practice environment through your DNP project I believe a significant practice problem is that many nurses do not see the need to advance their education after obtaining an R. N.

By continuing to have the triple level entry into practice we do not have the control of the practice development that other professional practices may have. The other professional practices have entry degree requirements that are reflective of the expectation that each requires. It is difficult to persuade a nurse to incur debt and expense to obtain a DNP when they believe as an RN, the benefits do not outweigh the work required. They don’t see how the investment of further education can change the future of nurses.

Nurses may not want to give up the opportunity to work at the bedside and do not want the politics of management. The DNP offers the opportunity to maintain the clinical expertise and further education. The AACN recommendations that the entry as a NP by the DNP will assist with this, as many nurses do want to obtain the NP licensure and level of practice. Another attractive measure of the DNP is the ability of the clinical nurse to stay at the bedside of the patient.

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Many nurses are not attracted to administration or education and have resisted advanced practice unless its clinical in nature. I am particularly interested in nursing education and have experience as a clinical education instructor at the undergraduate level. The national organization that I would join must have a strong educational component and outreach to encourage nurses to obtain advanced education. McEwin, M. , & Wills, E. M. (2011). Theoretical basis for nursing. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

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