Distribution Channels

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Distribution channels are very important for transferring the product from the manufacturer to the consumer. They help in division of labor and provide contact efficiency to the manufacturer. These channels help in maintaining good relations with the customers. These channels consist of various intermediaries. New Ireland Wools can gain benefit from them in a number of ways. The intermediaries associated with the distribution channels perform three main functions, that are, logistical, transactional and facilitating functions.

These intermediaries give the necessary market information about sales and assist in marketing research. They help in identifying the needs of the customers and coordinate with various promotional activities of the company. They also assist the manufacturer in managing the activities like transportation, inventory control, material handling and warehousing. There are basically three types of intermediaries in the channels. They are retailer, wholesaler and brokers. The distribution channel that the company should follow to sell its product in the overseas market and in US is as described: Manufacturer

Agents Wholesaler Retailer Consumers Distribution Channel for the company in the international market (Baker, 2002). Supply Chain management: The Company should consider this concept as a very significant one. It will help in proper and effective coordination of all the activities of the supply chain. It will manage the activities of the members of supply chain from the point of production to the point of consumption. It will also assist in communicating the demand of the customers to the company. It also aims at managing the relations in the supply chain and will look after the logistics of the company.

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The cost of the supply chain will also be managed with the help of effective supply chain management (Baker, 2002). Promotion & Advertising To sell the product in the global market; it is very important for the company to use a variety of advertising and promotional tools. They will be effective and will help in promoting the goods of the company in the global market. To create awareness about the product and to gain profit and popularity it is very important that a company makes use of various advertising and promotional tools.

The organization can also make use of various sales promotional activities that will assist in attracting maximum number of customers. Sales Promotion Tools: The Company should focus on using effective sales promotion tools. It can make use of free gifts with the woolen clothes. There can also be a scheme of sweepstakes along with the products. An initial discount scheme can also be introduced with the products. There can also be rewards for frequent purchases for the customers. These tools will surely attract more and more customers to purchase the products of the company and will increase its profitability, as well as, popularity.

An efficient sales force should be maintained by the firm for the promotion and sales of its products in the overseas market. Public Relations: The Corporation should also develop strong public relations with the help of a variety of tools like product publicity, corporate communications, press relations, dealing with legislators and Government officials in the intercontinental market etc. Various conferences, seminars and trade shows can be organized to improve public relations. Advertisements: This can also be an effective way of inducing the customer to buy the products.

Advertisements can be given in newspapers, magazines and can also be shown to the public through media. The company can also make use internet for advertising its products. It can also use celebrity advertising i. e. using a popular personality to advertise the product. The organization can also make use advertising for social cause i. e. AIDS, deforestation, poverty, illiteracy etc. This will be known as ‘Public Service Advertising’ (Different Types of Advertising, 2009). The advertising message should be clear and should convey the right message to the people.

It should be easily comprehensible and should communicate the advertising objectives in the right sense. The advertisement should be creative and catchy. Emotional advertising and personality advertising can be used to advertise the products of the organization. The advertisements should be appealing for the people. Graphics and animations can be used in the advertisements, which will help in attracting children for buying the particular brand of woolen clothes. The ad should undergo various stages before taking a final shape. It should be tested and diagnosed properly to know its effectiveness

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