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Digitization of Library Materials

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The Usage of Information Communication Technology in Science and Technology Information Networks in Sri Lanka R. P.

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Digitization of Library Materials

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. N. Premarathna No. 361/1, Manel Watta Road, Bollegala Gonewala (w. p. ), Tel. 0714307681, Email. ranjan. [email protected] com A number of cooperative programmes including exchange of information can be seen among member libraries of the Science & Technology information networks in Sri Lanka. At present most of information networks in other countries engage in their cooperative activities by using Information Communication Technology (ICT).

This research attempts measure the impact of Information Communication Technology for cooperative activities of information networks among science and technology information networks in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka Scientific and Technical Information Network (SLSTINET), Agricultural Information Network (AGRINET), and Health Literature Library and Information Service (HELLIS) have been selected for the research. These networks properly carry on library cooperative activities. The aim of the study is to find out whether they use information communication technology to do their cooperative activities.

Data has been collected from these three networks and their member libraries by sending questionnaires. Questionnaires were sent to 60 out of 120 member libraries of SLSTINET, 25 out of 30 member libraries of AGRINET and 12 out of 19 member libraries of HELLIS. Data analysis has been done by calculating mode, mean and representation of percentage values. Data has been presented by using table and diagram. It was found that the Usage of Information Communication Technology can be seen in some house keeping function (a computerized catalogue, creating data bases, internet searching, CD ROMs searching and using emails) of the networks.

It is used in cooperative programmes like contributing to union catalogue and ULIST, current awareness service through the email and providing access to online journals also. Some member libraries in networks do not have computer hardware and software facilities. Lack of allocating financial provisions and lack of attention of mother organizations, have affected the use of information communication technology. It was found that up to a satisfactory level ICT is being used in science and technology information networks in Sri Lanka

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