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Company Of Interest Library Assignment

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They have wonderful bed side manner and the staff has always been compassionate, patient, and extremely helpful. Another reason chose Concentrate is because of their many locations. Although would prefer to work at the 12 Mile and Hoover location because it is about a mile from my house, unfortunately, they are not hiring medical assistants at this time. However, the Sterling Heights location located at 40732 Van Dyke, Sterling Heights, MI. 4831 3, is hiring. That facility is only 8 miles from my house.

Upon research, did find out that Concentrate requires their employees to have a minimum of 12 months direct work experience, current medical assistant irredentist, as well as one year of continuous experience in clinical operations or medical office work after extrinsic. I possess all of the requirements except one year of clinical operations or medical office work after extrinsic. Will be on my way to meeting that requirement upon completion of this program. The reason I want to work there is because Concentrate is a fast paced environment, and there are strict deadlines.

Also, compassion and good bed side manner is a quality I have. In my opinion, it is one of the most important qualities a health care worker can have. Concentrate offers 401 (k) with employer match, Medical/Vision/Prescription/ Dental Plans/Life Insurance/Disability Sick Leave/Vacation/Heydays/Personal Days, as well as Colleague Referral Bonuses and Live Healthy Incentives. That is a strong benefit package, comparable to what other companies offer in my experience. According to the web site Michigan. Gob, a medical office assistant middle range salary is from $9. 93 to $12. 18 per hour in East Central Michigan.

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