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Describe a setting in which you have collaborated

AS you grow up you are going to meet a variety of different people.Every person you meet are not going to have the same views on life as you are .1 came to realize that when my close friend Bianca and I disagreed on the topic going to college.

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Bianca and I have been friends since freshman year. Surprisely we never brought up the topic of college until senior year. One day I decided to start looking at colleges online to get an idea about where I wanted to go.

AS I browse through colleges on College Board Bianca called me yelling and screaming about the new preview of teen wolf season 2. I was excited too but at the time I really wasn’t focus on that. I was more focus on what school I wanted to attend. I decided to ask Bianca what college she wanted to go too. To my disbelief she said she wasn’t going to college. I was astonished because she was such a smart and bright student. College also is such a big thing in my family.

After high school that’s where you were expected to go. I ask Bianca why she didn’t want to go to college she replied saying because nobody in her family has ever gone to college. Everyone in her family was expected to work and most of all her family couldn’t afford it. We continue talking more and more about college. I convinced her to go because its alot of programs out there to help her to go to college almost or even free. Education is so important.

It would help her to get ere dream career of becoming a nurse. As she thought about it she said she was going to take everything we talked about into consideration. At first I was astonished by the fact one of my closet friends that I known since freshman year said she wasn’t attending college. Then I came to realize that everyone comes from different backgrounds and have different views on things. In the end I convinced Bianca to attend college and education is important. This fall semester we will be roommates

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