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Dead Poets Society Movie Analysis

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Dead Poets society is a very nice and classic movie. The film Dead Poets Society is a nice story directed by Peter Weir and the screenplay written by Tom Schulman. The movie was first released on June 2, 1989 in United States and Canada. The movie was a big hit and as a result, its satisfactory rating is 8.1/10 by IMDb. This movie is awarded as the Best Original Screenplay, BAFTA Award for best film that is given from the British academy Film Awards, BAFTA award for Best Film Music, Cesar Award for Best Foreign Film and NME Award for Best Film. The story is somewhat based on the author’s real life story from his school.  The movie is somewhat a tool or an eye opening to students and parents. At the end of the story you can make a realization in life.

Dead Poets Society is all about the story of Neil Perry, a student from Welton Academy. He leads the organization called DEAD POETS SOCIETY, the concept of the organization is to read poems and seizing every moment as what the day will offer. Knox Overstreet, Todd Anderson, Charlie Dalton and some of his classmates are members of the organization. His father wanted him to become a doctor but his dream is to become an actor.

His father don’t want him to become an actor. Neil is very happy when he will play as the main character of a play, his father did not give his permission to join the play. Neil approaches to his English teacher Mr. Keiting (the teacher that teach them to enjoy life, follow what your heart wants) that he want to play the role but his father did not allow him. Neil follow his heart and play the role very well, his father came and bring him home.

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His father is very upset with his action and decided to send him to a military school. Neil is strongly against his dad. A loud gunshot woke his parent, Neil committed suicide and his parents found his body lifeless. His family ordered an investigation. The school pointed Mr. Keiting as the reason for Neil’s death because of his free thinking lessons that leads Neil to unfollow what his family wanted him to become.

Our dreams, affection, attachment, fondness and love is something that we can’t let go easily, it is already built in our hearts that no one can change it. In the movie Dead Poets Society (1989), it shows us how parents wanted their child to be successful in the future, they are fascinated and captivated. Mr. Perry’s standard is the reason why his son committed suicide. He can’t endure the pressure his father putted on him, he can’t handle of being a follower in his father’s dream. Experience in life and made him who he was are primarily considerations that psychoanalytic approach is involved in the story. He lived his life in following his father but because of the help of Mr. Keiting he able to achieve his dream even without his parents guidance. Seize the day while you can and enjoy what the day will gave you.

I conclude that do what makes you happy, don’t be afraid to reach your dream even some are pulling you down. We all have a great acceptance but you must trust that your beliefs are very unique in your own way. Discover things that you are not familiar while you can do it, try something new. We will soon stop breathing so don’t waste time and do whatever you want. Committing suicide is nothing, it’s not the solution of everything you will just show to everyone that you surrendered. Trust God’s process in everything you do or you decide, he will give you the best result and a very good product of success.

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