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Dc Comics (2012-2013)

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Report on DC COMICS for Business Studies Introduction DC comics incorporated is a leading pioneer and one of the most successful enterprise in the American comic books and many related media industries (comic books, movies, games and etcetera) . Founded by Malcolm Wheeler Nicholson in 1934, it was originally known as 'National Allied Publication' the initials 'DC' was taken from the popular series 'Detective Comics' which subsequently became part of the company's name.

DC comics is the publishing unit for DC Entertainment a Warner Bros company which itself is owned by Time Warner, producing materials incorporating renown DC characters such as Superman an alien who was sent from the lost planet Krypton, raised on Earth and instilled with a sense of justice from the Superman franchise (Action comics) and Batman a rogue Vigilante by night and by day millionaire, playboy, philanthropist Bruce Wayne from the Dark Knight franchise (debuting in Detective comics). DC comics mission and vision

DC's mission is to intergrades its comic business, brand and characters into Warner Bros Entertainment and all its content and distribution business. DC comic envisions to expand and develop the DC brand to every type of media. DC comics annual reports (2009-2012) DC comics future plans DC plans to launch a wave of new DC movies in response to Marvels shared movie gamble (Avengers). Starting with the reboot of Superman (Man of Steel 2013), along with other upcoming silver screen movies featuring other DC uperheroes like Wonder woman, the Flash and others (DC haven yet to decide whether it will reboot the batman franchise or continue Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight and to bring back Ryan Reynold's role as Green Lantern (2011). Although DC hasn't revealed how the movies will be incorporated, whether it be following in the Dark Knight's lead (a single franchise) or become a shared movie plan is still yet unknown.

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Dc Comics (2012-2013)

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