Mariveles National Highschool Malaya’s 2013 Education Week

Last Updated: 02 Apr 2020
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Mariveles National Highschool Malaya celebrated its 2013 Education Week last December 16-18. It is a whole week activity and celebration that aims to enhance and emphasize the role of education in empowering and developing the skills of the students by showcasing their outputs and projects through Bazaars and Exhibit. The school created a small booth to be able to show the different beautiful and pretty dress that was made by the students in dressmaking.

Seminars and workshops were conducted to strengthen the cooperation among stakeholders in education to provide high quality of education. Team building for teachers and students is another activity which inspires

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educators to do more for children and ensure their future. Academic and Co-curricular contest were also established to enhance student’s knowledge while still enjoying and having fun with co-students.

The school also facilitates Tree Planting and Tree Growing as part of the aim of school is to produce youth that are responsible and have love for the environment. Disaster Risk Reduction and Related Life skills preparedness is another seminar that was conducted that gives the students as well as teachers an awareness for the preventive measures and behaviors during and after disaster.

As the last part of the week celebration, the students and teacher were able to run for education through helping the Typhoon Yolanda victims by raising funds through “PISO mo Tabang mo” a Piso sign for a cause. And to celebrate also the spirit of Christmas, the school facilitates the Pasko na Gift Giving were the beneficiaries are from poor community and orphanages.

The school aims for the celebration of education week benefits not the just the school but also the students, teachers, community and environment and beneficiaries of the fund raising project where Education week is not just pure education but also interrelate to the spirit of Christmas which is gift giving.

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