Curriculum Development Observation

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How are classroom materials changed and introduced in the classroom? Children learn best through active exploration. To ensure that they have a chance to develop a wide range of skills Ms. Opticians involves children in a variety of hands-on activities and gives them many activities to choose from. From time to time, she puts away some materials and takes out another to give children variety Like seasonal materials: fall, winter, spring, Christmas. 2. How are children's interests incorporated in the materials tottered in the classroom? Children are very interested in new materials.

They can't wait to do new projects, play with new toys that they did not see In a while. They ask lots of question "What we will do with that pumpkin Ms. Opticians? ; "When we are going to light the candle on the advent garland ; Do you see teachers adding materials based on children's interests? Who sets up the materials in the classroom? When Is this done - before or during the class? The materials in the class room are set by the teacher, not based on children interests. During the class she adds the material for new project, makes copies. ; How are the children encouraged to use the materials?

Is the teacher directing how they use them? Are children free to choose where and when they want to play with Items? Before the children will do project the teacher explain them how to use for example scissors. How she want them to cut a circle, what marker colors to use. If it is a free play they can use It whatever they want. ; What areas do children choose to play In? What is their interest level, perseverance, focus and direction while playing? What type of play do you see happening In the classroom? In that class there is 11 boys and only 3 girls, thus the boys dominate with choosing a lay. Usually it is a free play with blocks, trucks. Girls will play in the house area with some boys. 3. What are children "learning" In the classroom centers? The children are learning many interesting things in the classroom centers. For instance in the computer lab they are learning how to use computers and letter recognition. In science center how the magnets works, different shapes of gourds, mystery box. Once a week they go to library to explorer different books, the librarian will read a story depends on the topic they are discuses in a class. I. Identify all curriculum areas in the classroom (ex: science, math, literacy, art, etc. What learning is happening in each center? The curriculums that are in the class are: block, art, house, science, sensory, reading, writing, math and theater centers, library and computer, In the block area they are learning constrictive play. Art center: explore imagination, color recognition. Through science children improve the ability to observe, solve problems. Collect and organized data. In sensory center they learn different textures. Reading and writing center they earn letter recognition, and in computer lab they learn basic computer skills, alphabet, numbers, and letters. 4.

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In your pollen, are the materials arranged appropriately for children of this age? How would they differ for toddlers (1-3 yr)? How would they differ to school age children (5-8 yr) In my opinion the materials are arrange appropriately for those children, because Pats ins NAS over tinted years to experience teaching pre-kindergarten materials would be to mature for toddlers, especially projects. For school age children the materials could be uninteresting. 5. How do the materials and equipment in the classroom reflect the diversity of society at large? If they do not, how could they?

Materials and equipment reflect the diversity of society that exists in the world. Materials are selected to reflect the diversity in the class like race, ethnicity, languages, art, religious ceremonies, work, and traditions. There are kids in the class that speak Polish, Spanish, Hindu, and the teacher talks with children, reads books about their backgrounds, their religion, traditions. 6. Based on your textbook provide examples of how this curriculum is developmentally appropriate or not. Provide examples that show how it is emergent curriculum or not? (peg. 69-373) During my observation I observe couple examples of emergent curriculum. During autumn time everything was happening around pumpkin. Couple days before Halloween children decided to curve pumpkin. With teacher help they clean the seeds and cut beautiful ghost. After that, teacher decides that they will plant some seeds and the rest they will roast in school kitchen. Children where very excited about the new projects. It is a emergent curriculum since the activity arise from hillier interest that day and the teacher fallow with her ideas to continue children curiosity about pumpkin. . Give an example of the teacher offering an activity based on the children's interests. If this is not evident, give an example of an opportunity the teacher could have offered an activity based on the children's interests. Observing children I never notice that teacher would offer an activity based on children interest. Activity that was always offered was the teacher idea. The one opportunity that the teacher has was when children were playing with tents that they arrowed from preschool class.

They were so excited to play with them, and one child took couple books to that tent and said that they will have their own library in the classroom. When the teacher notice what the children are up to, she immediately told them to put the books back on the shelve. The children were little bit disappointed because they had such a great idea for and activity. The teacher should let them play with those books. I think she was anxious about the books that they start putting in the tent, but she should let each child take one book to that tent. Based on your observation, name one activity you might want to offer the children (include a description of your observation and why you would offer this based on what the children are interested in) Based on my observation I notice that the children were interested in having more sensory activities. The one activity that I would offer to the children is pomp pomp or small bolls, bottles and tongs. Children use the tongs to pick up the colored pomp pomp or bolls and drop them into a bottle. This activity is good fine motor practice and hand-eye coordination.

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