Controlled? Assessment: Touching the Void

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I was freezing, even my precious finger had gone numb. On lay, The Lord knew what I could have done, not me, unfortunately. I didn't do anything; just hung there on that one rope... For was officially stuck. This was like being in the cold burning of hell, as my leg was starting to get to me. In my mind, I was thinking of Simon. How was he getting on? What was the DOI nag? Decided to give him a shout 'Simon!! ' cry but the strong blows of the wind canceled out my calls and him d isn't replied. Fearfully looking down, I spotted the crevasse, the hole of darkness.m The crave SSE was waiting to eat me; the sparkling ice in the crevasse watching me. I knew for a fact if dropped d I would be dead. So I waited to die. I waited... And waiting... Whoosh! The sound made when found myself falling 200 MPH. Was falling as fast as an avalanche. The "shocked" look appeared on my face as I was falling into the b eely of the crevasse. I was the avalanche. My back cracked the teeth of the crevasse and I continued to fall. The inbreeding fall. Suddenly, I landed on some sort of sloped area. I was trying to stop myself fall inning any lower.

This was the point when I noticed I was still alive. I was laughing with happen as and joy-filled my heart because I was highly relieved to be alive. When I finally stopped laughing g, found myself shaking. Worried, kick to my right. Gasp. I looked, looked away and slowly 10 eked back again, only to see that I was sitting right next to a deeper hole. A hole that resembled the path to out of the world. 'If had fallen to the right... Only by a bit, I would have ended up as this crevasse see's faces,' say to myself with a smile, relieved that I hadn't. The darkness was scaring me. I hat De the fact that I had to stay there as I had no idea what would happen next. I sat there like a unique cited avalanche, waiting to erupt. Then inspected my leg.

Actually seeing how bent and useless it was. After a few seconds of complete utter silence, I erupted. I was screaming, shoo outing, swearing you name it. That lasted for about five minutes before I stayed silent, again. I wished I could have just died as I fell. That way, I wouldn't have had to go through that eternal adamant Ion. The deeper crevasse I was in was full of slippery ice, the ice that made it really radar for me to stand up on my two feet (well one foot be precise). After a few attempts, I s successfully got up. Satisfied that was able to stand up, I checked myself out, see if I was able to stop any bruises and how deep they were. This was the point when noticed that I still had the rope tied around me. If it was tied around me, it was definitely tied around Simon as well. Using my clever thou get process I believed that if I pulled the rope, it'll tighten on Simony's body as he would have fallen and gotten stuck.

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