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This paper aims to explicate and analyse the instance of the struggle between the Algerian population and their Gallic colonists. The ground of the struggle is the dissension of the Algerians with the unjust intervention the Gallic were giving to them specially in footings of instruction, political relations and life quality.

The construction of this paper is to measure the struggle harmonizing to the content of the class of '' Conflict Management '' foremost supplying a general background of the state of affairs and analysing if it is a struggle or a difference. Then the writers classify the struggle harmonizing to several standards and province if it is an intractable or manipulable struggle placing the phases it has been trough. And there is besides an analysis of the used schemes and if those schemes brought a declaration or a colony, it is traveling to be examined the relationship of the parties and the trust among them. Finally there are besides studied the unethical tactics and the type of scheme used.

In order to recognize this undertaking there were used several beginnings from Data bases that contains newspapers articles and magazines articles. The writers besides used secondary informations that has been collected by other beginnings such as some dependable web pages.

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Conflict in Algeria


The Algerian Independence procedure began in 1954 because of the Algerians ' dissatisfaction with being treated as 2nd -class citizens by the Gallic colonial authorities. The revolution 's philosophical foundations came from the privileged Algerians who were skilled by the Gallic instruction system.

As a effect of this Algerians started to considerate military solutions as the lone manner to accomplish ego finding. This was leaded by a group called the national release forepart ( FLN ) under the leading of Ahmed Ben Bella who was looking frontward to a independent Algeria, a societal democratic state within an Islamic model.

At the get downing the military motions did non hold mass popular support ; nevertheless the oppressive Gallic reprisals for European victims started traveling popular sentiment behind the FLN. As the struggle was turning up the Gallic Army sent over 400,000 soldiers to Algeria in an effort to fleetly oppress the independency motion, their barbarous repute and contempt for the local public non merely served to mobilise the understandings of the local public in favour of independency, but besides turned universe sentiment against France.

France turned into a immense concentration camp the Algerian district where mass apprehension and anguish were implemented to interrupt the financess of the independent motions. The struggle was turning fast, the figure of victims rose and the Algerians where desperate and needed desperately the triumph.

In 1958 is carried out the putsch that brought back into power the Gallic Charles de Gaulle after 10 old ages of absence. Afterwards the terminal of the war came with the Evian understanding signed in March 18, 1962 between France and theA FLN, which ended the war and grantedA Muslim independency for Algeria.

Harmonizing to the information given in category we can categorise this state of affairs as a struggle because it occurred in a long period of clip, it has its roots really back in the yesteryear, around the 1800 with the Gallic colonialism in northern Africa but the independency procedure started in 1954. It is besides consider as a struggle because it involves non-negotiable issues such as the misdemeanor of human rights. We besides identify a zero-sum game thought because both parties ( Gallic authorities and the Algerians ) were non interested in making a dialogue that suits both sides demands, they had wholly opposite involvements.

The effects of the war were lay waste toing both pecuniary and human lifes, the Gallic victims where about 100.000 and the Algerians loses exceed a million while another one million eight hundred 1000 people where refugees. These types of effects are besides relevant to tag this scenario as a struggle

Algerian struggle categorization

Forms of manifestation: the Algerian struggle is a violent one because in the independent motions of this state were involved the Gallic ground forces an another armed groups who finished off with many civilians lifes, it is besides an intractable struggle because making an understanding was a unsmooth and hard procedure that took really long clip.


this struggle is systemic because harmonizing to the definition, it involves parties within and outside a territorial lodger or nationality of the parties involved. The Algerian district, dwellers and authorities and it 's encroachers the Gallic and besides the international community who did n't take part straight in the struggle but ever manifestate the dissension with the Gallic behaviour towards Algeria.


The struggle is non pseudo because the dissension does be, and besides the beings of opposite involvement it is besides expressed, so harmonizing to the perceptual experience the struggle is existent. Both parties show their involvements and demands, their differences, mutual exclusivenesss and opposite precedences, and cognize what the other 's party are.


Harmonizing to causes, the struggle is political because it involves the authorities engagement and there is besides the presence of cultural struggles, race murders and war in general. But it besides can be seen as an ideological struggle because the Algerians where in dissension with the Gallic authorities in the manner they were treated and they supported the group called the national release forepart ( FLN ) who helped to distribute through the whole state the independency feelings.


The effects of this struggle were destructive because of all the economical, political, territorial and human losingss that result from this independency war.


The state of affairs between Algeria and the Gallic colonial authorities is a struggle of involvement where both parties have wholly different demands and they try to enforce their ain to the other.

Organizational degree

Harmonizing to the organisational degree this struggle can non be classified since it does non take topographic point into an organisation, but we could state that it is an intergroup struggle since it involves two different groups

Tractable or Intractable

Harmonizing to the definition given by Peter T. Coleman `` Intractable struggles are those that persist for long periods of clip, are destructive and resist every effort to decide them constructively '' . Thus we can state this is an intractable struggle since it last long clip and presented a great figure of casualities, one hundred thousand Gallic colonists and soldiers died, while over one million Algerian civilians and guerillas were executed and killed.

The struggle besides was hard to work out because both parties had wholly opposite aims and moral differences.

Phases of the Conflict

Latent Conflict

Since 1830 when France invaded a colonize Algeria.

Conflict Emerge

The motion for independency came from the Algerians ' dissatisfaction with being treated as second-class citizens by the Gallic colonial authorities.

Conflict Escalation

Many conditions encouraged this escalation. After the Indochina War Algerians soldiers began to see that it was clip to obtain independency for Algeria and as the Gallic colonial authorities did non desire to lose their land, on November 1, 1954, FLNA launched onslaughts in assorted parts of the district against military installings, constabulary stations, warehouses, communications installations, and public public-service corporations. Both parties said the lone manner to carry through their aims was war


Around 1958-9, they realized the struggle was merely go forthing many deceases puting them in a Mutually Hurting Stalemate.

De-escalation / Negotiation

Started once more on 1961 at Evian when Gallic authorities reopened negotiations with the FLN.

Dispute Colony

Finally reached on 1962 with the Evian Accords.

Both sides of the struggle were using a distributive scheme because their primary Interests were opposed and did non mind about the other or their relationship.

The struggle was resolved by the Evian Accords, the consequence of dialogues between representatives of France and the Probationary Government of the Algerian Republic ( GPRA ) formed by the National Liberation Front ( FLN ) during the Algerian war.A These understandings were signed March 18, 1962 in Evian and consequence in an immediate armistice applied to the full Algerian district.

The Evian Accords besides allowed the colons equal legal protection with Algerians over a three-year period. These rights, among others, included regard for belongings, engagement in public personal businesss, and a full scope of civil and cultural rights.

Competitive or concerted?

It was preponderantly competitory, due to both parties were oriented to single benefits and additions, France and Algeria were working against the other for maximization of self-interest, France concentrated all its forces to retain the "Gallic Algeria '' and the FLN ( Front de Liberation Nationale ) was taking the mutuality from France.

Towards the terminal of 1995 France and Algeria was involved in a complete clime of war.

Presence of power

Algeria did non hold much power because the initial military actions were limited and were without mass popular support, alternatively, France had more military power, but that was non plenty to hinder the Algerian independency. As the struggle grew the Gallic Army sent over 400,000 soldiers to Algeria in an effort to fleetly oppress the independency motion, their barbarous repute and contempt for the local public non merely served to mobilise the understandings of the local public in favour of independency, but besides turned universe sentiment against France.

Trust, how to construct it?

There was n't, swear in fact people thought that it wasn't a manner to decide the job, as the Gallic curate of interior, socialist Francois Mitterrand said '' the lone possible dialogue is war. ''

They can construct trust doing an understanding, but the of import point is non to do it but to carry through it, both parties would hold to maintain their promises, act as expected and put trust in the other, in this manner France and Algeria would make a concretion based trust.

Unethical tactics and schemes

There was n't unethical tactics but societal contract and terminal consequence moralss used because both parties ( Algerian population and Gallic colonial authorities ) were believing that mass apprehensions and anguish was right for the society so it would be right for the persons and they thought that was ethical if they achieve what they want it and it does n't count how this was obtained.

There was used contending as a scheme for dialogue, because both parties were seeking to carry the other to accept what they wanted that favor one 's ain involvements.

Negotiation between the parties

The independency tide was unstoppable, in 1962 the Evians Accord signaled France 's credence of self finding for the Algerian people and laid out the timetable for eventual Algerian independency in 1962 with Ben Bella as its first President, so, in this struggle was used a dialogue as via media, because France give up and accept the Algerian independency.


The issue can be classified as a struggle because the Gallic colonial authorities and the Algerians had really of import differences and thought making an understanding was impossible. It was destructive ; this struggle let 1000000s of dead Gallic and Algerians.

Although making an understanding seemed to be impossible the Algerians achieved it taking advantage of the failing phase France was traveling through and the dissension of the international community with its colonisation procedure. This struggle is chiefly political because it consists of an cultural struggles, race murders and war in general.

The struggle was resolved in 1962 with the Evian 's agreement in which France accepted the conditions that leaded to the Algerian independency.

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