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Forests play a critical function in the development and in guaranting environmental sustainability of the state. Besides providing wood merchandises for economic development, woods besides contribute significantly to cut downing inundation and storm amendss by keeping and chairing H2O flows, providing H2O for production and support activities, extenuating erodings, landslides, and bring forthing hydroelectricity. Forests besides heighten clime control, conserve biodiversity and familial resources, and supply chances for eco-tourism and out-of-door diversion. Forests besides hold a important portion in the Earth 's clime by absorbing and hive awaying C - therefore cut downing planetary heating. Franklin D. Roosevelt, one of the greatest work forces in the US history has said: `` A state that destroys its dirts destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, sublimating the air and giving fresh strength to our people '' . In Viet Nam, a state that the bulk of population still depends on agribusiness, forestry significantly contributes to sustainable, economic growing, stabilisation of society. However, as the state grows economically, the demand for forestry additions quickly, therefore influences the biodiversity every bit good as the ecosystem. This essay will show the function of wood in Vietnam, so travel on to the categorization of wood and eventually illustrate key issues that impacting woods and forestry.

Discussion of findings

Functions of woods

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As the natural woods are greatly of import to the state, the functions of woods in Vietnam are shown in assorted facets.

Forests are beginning of nutrient. In many parts of the state, particularly some distant countries, woods play an of import portion in human nutrient supply. Human nutrient from woods can be classified into 2 chief groups: workss and animate beings origin. The group of workss includes gathered fruits, seed, foliages and mushroom. Because of the natural growing, workss nutrients are wholly fresh and incorporate a high degree of foods such as saccharides, fructose and other micronutrients, vitamins and minerals, for case ( Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department 1996 ) . In some instances, seeds or olives and palm fruits can be pressed to bring forth vegetable oils, which is highly healthy for human by incorporating a big figure of Calories and no cholesterin ( Simpson & A ; Ogorzaly 1995, p.315 ) . The 2nd group, carnal nutrients, includes insects, larvae and hunted animate beings.

Forests are beginning of medical specialty: Since the early age of human history, workss have been proved to be particularly utile for handling diseases. Many remedies for black diseases were originated from workss ( Simpson & A ; Ogorzaly 1995, p.376 ) . These yearss in Vietnam, wild workss are still considered as the chief medicative beginning for pharmaceutical industry. It is possible in the close hereafter that more utile botanical drugs, will be found as different workss are tested ( Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department 1996 ) .

Forests are the chief stuff beginnings. In Vietnam, forests hold an indispensable portion in providing stuff for human. Wood harvested from plantations is the chief stuff beginning for edifice houses and bring forthing domestic equipment. Forests besides provide natural stock for forest merchandise processing industry and firewood for dependent cultural minorities in cragged countries ( Tien & A ; Thong 2008 ) .

Forests protect home grounds. Forests provide shelter for human life and wildlife. They have an highly ecological map with the environment. Forests significantly take portion in doing the clime equable, minimising negative effects of inundations and battling eroding. Harmonizing to Tien & A ; Thong ( 2008 ) , forest 's part in keeping the stableness and birthrate of land dirt is undeniable. It is estimated that the sum of dirt eroding where close woods are available is equal to merely 10 % of those topographic points without woods.

Forests provide relaxation and amusement: with fresh air and a cool atmosphere, woods are perfects finishs for those seeking for peaceable topographic points to loosen up in holidaies, avoiding pollution and bad effects from noisy urban countries ( Tien and Thong 2008 ) .

Coastal protection: woods contribute to protect the state 's sea seashore, particularly mangrove woods. They are really utile for screening moving ridges, air current, storms and sea invasion. Many studies about function of woods in the defence against tsunami have been done after the atrocious tsunami in December 26th, 2004 caused the decease of 100s of 1000s people in assorted states in Asia and Africa. Shuto ( 1987, cited in Latief and Hadi 2007 ) said that:

Forests may cut down tsunami impact and asserted that a wood is effectual for several grounds: 1 ) it stops driftwood and other jetsam ; 2 ) it reduces H2O flow speed and flood deepness ; 3 ) it provides a life-saving trap for people swept off land by a tsunami run-down ; and 4 ) it amasses wind-blown sand and create dunes, which serve as a natural barriers against tsunamis.

Forests play an of import function in C segregation and storage. Forests contribute unusually to cut down the heating of the Earth and life environment. Forests provide the indispensable environmental universe service of recycling C dioxide into O. 40 per centum of the O is produced in tropical rain woods ( Boland 2009 ) . In other word, they are `` Lungs of the Planet '' . This map besides evidently belongs to natural woods in Vietnam. Therefore, forest loss could do unexpected alterations in the ambiance and natural catastrophes.

Forests contribute to the society: forestry creates occupations for Vietnamese, particularly for people in rural and cragged countries. In recent old ages, the development of ecological touristry besides contributes to lifting income degree for local people and cut downing poorness ( Tien & A ; Thong 2008 ) .

2.2. Categorization of woods by maps

Entire land country that the Government planned for forestry is 16.24 million hectares. It is divided into 3 forest classs.

Special-use wood: the land planned for development of special-use woods is 2.199.342 hectares, which accounts for 13.5 % of the entire country. Special-use wood has been identified in order to continue nature, protect species of the forest ecosystem and conserve cistron beginnings. It besides provides for research, protects historical and cultural relics and caters for remainder, diversion and touristry. Harmonizing to Vietnam Administration of Forestry 2011, special-use wood is a combination of National Parks, Nature preservation countries, Landscape protection countries and scientific experimental and research countries.

Protection woods: the land planned for protection woods is 4.832.962 hectares, which makes up 37 % of the entire country. Protection woods, which are chiefly planned to protect and modulate H2O resources, contribute significantly in the procedures of protect dirt, prevent eroding, limit natural catastrophes, moderate the clime and guarantee the ecological balance and environmental security. There are 4 chief types of protection woods: watershed protection forest, air current and sand interruptions forest, wave breaks protection forest, protection wood for ecology and landscapes.

Production woods: the land planned histories for the bulk of entire country with 8,495,823 hectares, which is tantamount to 52.3 % . Production forests chiefly serve the intent of bring forthing both timber and non-timber wood merchandises for the market and at the same clip to protect the environment and continue the ecological balance ( Vietnam Administration of Forestry 2011 ) .

2.3. Key issues

Vietnam forestry is confronting up several issues. Harmonizing to Coe 2005, forest coverage in Vietnam has fallen 29 % over the last 60 old ages. Pressure on land and wood merchandises is increasing due to the development of agribusiness and the growing of population ( Raven, Evert & A ; Eichorn 1992, p.698 ) . Meanwhile the job of feeding people in cragged countries is highly difficult to work out because of the deficiency of agricultural land and free population motion. Deforestation for agricultural productiveness every bit good as lumber exports has led to serious jobs. The biodiversity of natural wood is diminishing as a effect. Vietnamese Government had taken some action against deforestation and it seemed to hold brought some consequence. From 1993, the sum of lumber cut down illicitly was strongly minimized ( Hill 1997 ) . However, there are still a scope of jobs presents. Forest direction is non united and sustainable. The figure and the ability of forest officers do non run into the demands. Therefore, in some parts of the state, deforestation for illegal lumber exports is still out of the control.

In recent old ages, forestry has made some accomplishment but its part to GDP is still really little. Forestry has non efficaciously helped people cut down poorness because the income of people working in this field is extremely unstable. Most of the workers in this field come from distant countries. Their lives can non be wholly dependent on the forestry. Meanwhile, the engineering is non developed plenty to run into the demands. The available methods to utilize 1000000s hectares of natural wood are limited. As a consequence, it could non convey the income to local people ( Forest Science Institute of Vietnam 2009 ) .


Vietnam National Forest contributes greatly to environment protection, land care, eroding control, inundation decrease and supplying home ground for wildlife. Meanwhile, forestry and forest merchandise processing industry holds an indispensable portion in the national economic system. In recent old ages, Government 's policies to better forestry and protect natural woods have made some alterations. The consequences show in the addition of forest coverage and accomplishment of merchandise processing industry. However, there are still several jobs such as deforestation and force per unit area on land and wood merchandises. It is extremely pressing for the Government to happen effectual solutions to work out the state of affairs and heighten the forestry of Vietnam.

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