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Character development in a thousand acres

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One of the many benefits of this private project, I thought at the time, was It showed me a whole secret world, a way to have two lives, to be two selves. " (Smiley 26). This quotes talking about when Aging was trying to get pregnant without letting anyone know that she was trying again. This was one thing that she could control in her life. Everything else she did in her life was for her family. Her life before she met TTY, her husband, was controlled by her abusing dad Larry, and after she got married to TTY, It's controlled by him.

He was always making her feel uncomfortable. This Is the only thing in her life that's fully under her control. This kind of gives her a feeling of power and being in control of her life. While Rose has children of her own, and Aging doesn't because of many miscarriages, both of them have a bond with each other and have motherly love for Rose's children. Rose develops with the help of Aging because they are connected with one another. She's known for her ability to talk back to her dad Larry, and often stands up to him. Guess you remember that Rose always offers her unvarnished opinion. " (Smiley 11). This quote was said by Jess after he came back to town. It shows that Rose Isn't afraid to say her honest opinion and Is always open to everything. When Larry Cook, a proud and demanding farmer, unexpectedly wants to retire and give his precious land to Rose, Caroline, and Aging, it stirs up a chaos within the family. He's stubborn and whenever he talks to them, it's always about the family farm.

His relationships with them, how he runs the farm, and always competing with is neighbors, who are also farmers, are terrible parts of his life that starts to develop In having an argument with Caroline because he disagrees with him. As the novel progresses, I can already tell that he's not much of a father figure to Rose, Aging, and Caroline. He's not much of a character In book one but still has a substantial presence because he starts the craziness and hectic lives of his three daughters, beginning the problem in the novel. "You don't want it, my girl, you're out.

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It's as simple as that. " (Smiley 21). This quote was said by Larry to Caroline. Caroline didn't want to be part of the share of land between her two sisters, Aging and Reagan, leading to Larry just simply banishing her out of his plan like a stranger, not even talking to her as his own daughter. As Larry competes with the Clacks, his neighbors, there' a specific Clark that book one focuses on, which is Jess. He's the son of Harold Clark. Jess comes back to town after being away for thirteen years. As he develops throughout the book, he sometimes attracts women.

While his character is developing, we find out while he attracts hem, en doesn't really nave anything to otter and doesn't really give a purpose and isn't able to give a future to them. "l felt suddenly shy about speaking so openly to someone I hadn't seen in thirteen years. (Smiley 22). This quote was narrated by Aging, talking about how she was talking to him about her dad Larry behavior toward the dividing of the land. She was telling Jess of how that was a banker talking, not her dad. Jess has the charisma and charm to get a woman so quickly to get comfortable with him and talk about anything because he's good- looking.

Character development in a thousand acres essay

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