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This chapter presents the research design, the respondents of the study, the research instruments and the statistical treatment to be used in the presentation and analysis of the data. Methods of Research used The descriptive method of research was used in this study. Descriptive method of research Is a fact finding study with adequate interpretation of the findings. It describes what Is. It describes with emphasis what actually exist such as current conditions, practices, situations, or any phenomena. Since the present study or

Investigation was concerned with the level of difficulty between algebra and geometry to sophomore of Santa Rosa Science and Technology High School during school year 2012-2013, the descriptive method of research was the most appropriate method to use. Sampling Technique This research uses the random sampling in determining the number of respondents. The researchers will assess the difficulty level of algebra and geometry of 56 sophomore students In Santa Rosa Science and Technology High School during school year 2012-2013. Description of Respondents The respondent were the sophomores students in Santa Rosa Science and

Technology High School in school year 2012-2013 that includes six sections namely: Pasteur, Linnaeus, Mendel, Darwin, Watson and Hook. Distribution of Respondents Section Number of Students Pasteur 41 10 Linnaeus Mendel 37 9 Darwin Watson Hook Table 1: This table shows that two of the six sections contain 10 respondents while the remaining four had only 9 respondents. All of the six sections have near range of Research Instrument 1 . Questionnaire. This is a researcher-made questionnaire which is composed of 2 parts. Part I is the general information of the respondents that include the age and sex of the respondents.

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Part II is the questionnaire for the assessment of the level of difficulty between Algebra and Geometry to sophomore students of Santa Rosa Science and Technology High School during school year 2012-2013. Data Gathering Procedure Development of the instrument, after reading and studying samples of questionnaire from related studies, the researchers prepared their own questionnaire. The researchers also consulted some knowledgeable people about how to prepare one. The researchers saw to it that there were enough items to collect data to cover all aspects of the problem and to answer all the specific questions under the statement of the problem.

Then the researchers submitted the questionnaire to their adviser, Dry. Scorer B. Escape for correction after which it was finalized. The copies of the questionnaire were then distributed personally by the researcher by the researcher to the respondents. After few days, all the copies Statistical Treatment of the Data The researcher will use the Weighted Mean, and the Relative Frequency. 1. Mean (x). This is to determine the average scores of some variables subject for study. X Where: x - the median n - the number of respondents 2. Relative Frequency.

This will be used in the presentation and analysis of data gathered for problems using the formula: % = fin x 100 Where: f - frequency n - total number of respondents % - relative frequency Cover Letter Dear Respondents, Please be informed that we are conducting a study on the level of difficulty between Algebra and Geometry to sophomores of Santa Rosa Science and Technology High School in school year 2012-2013. In this connection, we have constructed a questionnaire to gather adequate information to know the level of difficulty between Algebra and Geometry. In fact, our research teacher, Dry.

Scorer B. Escape has encouraged us to conduct the survey and promised to help us get your cooperation. Your participation in the study by way of answering the questionnaire is very important. Without it, our study wouldn't be successful as it should be. Kindly fill up the questionnaire and return it to us. Please feel assured that your anonymity and the information you will give will be treated with the strictest confidentiality. Thank you very much for your very kind response to our request and if you are interested, we will supply you with the results of the study. Very sincerely yours,

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