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Celebrity Status “Everything I do need a news crew's presence” – kanye west. Think back to the early years and recall the one role model that was looked up to the most go ahead might have to go back as far as childhood. Ok got that amazing individual in mind? Now is that somebody a person who had a lifestyle in luxury, fascinates the media and the influences the public on day-to-day basis? (Commonly denoted as an individual with fame and fortune), implied with great popular appeal, prominence in a particular field, and is easily recognized by the public or also known as a celebrity or celeb.

Known fact most role models are celebrities but why? Celebrities are on TV, front page of magazines, and have their names big and bold in newspapers. Every time they turn their head or scratch their nose it’s going to make the headlines and believe it or not things that small from people with big reputation have a huge impact on the public people. Celebs are bad role models because they effect children, families, and can give the wrong meaning of celebrity status. Children the offspring, the next generation need to grow up healthy and with a excellent mental state and not a fantasy trying to copy the latest and greatest movie actor out. he child needs to be an individual meaning one person as him/herself, “selfhood”. Who knows the child could be a genius and invent something great that could be helpful for the future, but never know because they are to influenced by their celebrity role model. Having celebrities as role models can also throw a good chance of bad behavior in children for example lindsay lohan she effected thousands of young girls with then good girl gone bad incident made national back in 2004 after she made the movie mean girls then later got caught stealing and no penalties were issued.

As a role model she portrayed that stealing was ok and being bad is cool plus you just can’t act bad, you have to be bad! It was just that easy to set the mind of a child off track and to follow the footsteps of a “role model”. As children get older the role model gets older and will still try to do everything they see their role model do because they think it cool or want to be just like them no matter what the action is going from sex all the way to drugs. Drugs are likely to be used before age twenty six by young adults, but when celebrities use drugs it raises the chances even more with teenagers when celebrities are caught red handed by he media. It gives the wrong impression because the whole incident turns into a phenomenon “what drug did she/he use” “how long has she/he been using it” it becomes more a reward then punishment because there are now the biggest topic of the month and really miss the point that person made a mistake in life and is now addicted when they needed to be taking out of the spotlight so child viewers don’t think twice of making that mistake; but its not that easy.

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It also gives the impression that everything will be perfectly using drugs and life goes on perfect example Charlie sheen. when Charlie got fired from two and a half men then left for rehab he came back the same man that left but came back with a hit catch phrase duh winning and was offered he’s job back plus endorsements. Celebrities that use drugs are a easy way to influence children to experiment and use drugs so why let them take it that far? The celebrity doesn’t care about their effect on children but their own.

Family is the group of people who are willing to do anything for each other and won’t let anything between, so why let a celebrity ruin that? Celebrity role models effect families nationwide by giving the wrong message all the time; like its ok to live young wild and free or better like the new saying of 2012 Yolo so popular it made it to the dictionary. (yo-lo) you only live once. If a role model says it’s ok “Yolo” it’s just the same as saying its ok to do anything crazy, it’s ok go head live fast because you once live once (Yolo).

That saying is being promoted by celebrities and it’s pretty scary. kids have a reason to do something crazy and then are sent to the grave and left mom and dad to mourn the day with the feeling that life will never be the same. A role model should be a positive person and have nothing but good intentions Like a super hero and doesn’t want to harm anyone or do drugs also would lead by example those are true role models. No matter if they’re popular or not that role model will always be above celebrity status!

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