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Attendance and Daily Time Record System

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Today, magnetic swipes are mostly used by many establishments and organizations to provide both security and convenience. Hotels use these as a replacement for the key system. Schools, specially the universities and college campuses also use these in the form of ID swipe system. (Ramsbrock, D. and Moskovchenko S. , 2011, p. 4) Researchers tested University of Maryland's Lenel System where the ID's of the students include their Social Security Number. The ID information can be used by the outsider for identity theft.

Copying of these existing cards can be done without the help of electronics expertise. The internet provides the sale of commercial card reader and writer and can be used to create a duplicate of these ID cards. A more complicated but still basic attack on the ID is creating a card from a certain two information without actually having an access to the card. These information has been disclosed by the author due to security purposes. (Ramsbrock, D. and Moskovchenko S. , 2011, p. 4)

Boarding School Student Systems (E-ID) Using Radio Frequency Identification RFID or Radio Frequency Identification does not require a person to do a manual scanning, but it uses radio waves to identify man, animals, or other materials plugged with RFID tag. This method compared with the manual ID scanning reduces man power and time to input data. RFID system is mostly made up of three components: An antenna or a coil, a tranceiver or a decoder, and an RFID tag which is very tiny and can be placed inside a human body for data storage and retrieving purposes. (Abdul Kahir H. , et al. 2009) RFID Matrix Card System was tested by researchers and proven efficient and handy. Students coming in and out the establishment can be monitored. Any individual without an RFID will trigger an alarm and the management can pull the students' information on the computer from their ID cards. (Abdul Kahir H. , et al. , 2009) Sampling in statistics, and survey methodology in selecting a subset, or a subgroup of individual within statistical population, to estimate characteristic of the whole population.

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Advantages of sampling are lower cost, faster data collection and a smaller data set improves accuracy and quality of data. Sampling involves several key stages defining the population concerned, specifying a sampling frame, specifying a sampling method, determining sample size, implementing the sampling plan and sampling with data gathering. The researchers chose to use non-probability sampling method (Arboleda, C. Writing a Thesis Proposal First Edition. 1998), specifically the incidental or accidental.

The researchers first decided on the sample size by consulting with different school professors and with a thesis lecturer. After the consultations, the researchers decided to collect 100 surveys, as advised by the consultants. The researchers then proceeded to conduct the survey by handling out the surveys to the first 100 students who were more likely to return and re-enroll, were given more significance by the researchers as advised by those who were consulted.

The researchers chose this sample method for three reasons. First, they had limited time, budget and workforce. Second, it was highly suggested by those consulted by the researchers. Third, it made statistical compilations easier by setting the size at 100. To maintain the quality and effectiveness of this survey research, the researchers chooses to have at least 100 samples. This survey evaluates the effectiveness and the impact to the student and faculties.

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