Macro-environmental Factors On Of Hotel Industry In Hong Kong

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From the macro-environmental factors, how an catch the chances and challenge of hotel industry in Hong Kong over the next five years? What is the concept of macro-environmental? The macro environment is the broad business environment that is made up of a number of factors that can impact on the hospitality business (Hessian ,A. , dale, C. Clarke, A , Hospitality Business Development, 2010, p. 42). On the coming five years, Hong Kong hotel industry will be continual development ease on Tale plants on macro environment.

From the view of environmental, the tourism industry is a major pillar of the economy f Hong Kong (Hong Kong government, 2102), because the environmental diversification. It can make more chances to attract more tourists book the hotel and discover more in Hong Kong. For example some tourists come for day tips to go to attraction, shopping. Some tourists come for business to go to event and meeting. On the opportunity, many attractions are expansion in Hong Kong every year. For example, Ocean Park is looking forward to future. Ocean Park is the national attraction in Hong Kong.

Ocean Park will build the ocean hotel and the spa hotel in the theme park and connect the MET south island line. It can make a chance to increase tourism over next five years (Ocean Park. Com. Hack 2012). On the challenge, the air pollution is very serious in Hong Kong. Because of the air pollution, travelers will stop to Hong Kong. From the monthly pollution report, air quality has over 300 days exceeding pollution in 2011. According to World Health Organization Guidelines, Air quality warning meter is dangerous (Hadley Environmental Index, 2012).

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If air pollution have not solved, this is big challenge and bad effect for Hong Kong tourism. The tourists prefer go to near areas for travel such s Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore etc. From the view of political regulatory, Hong Kong hotel industry is benefiting on the promotion, training political of government. To enhance the competitiveness of the hotel industry and entice visitors to lengthen their stay, the Hotel Accommodation Tax has been waived since July 1, 2008.

The Government has undertaken a number of initiatives to promote hotel development to meet the diversified needs of our visitors (Hong Kong Government, 2012). Also, The Government and the tourism and hotel industries share the common objective of constantly providing quality service, hereby reinforcing Hong Gong's tourism brand and competitiveness (Hong Kong Government, 2012). The Hong Kong Government opens many training such as the ERP, the US, the WEEPIEST and the PM to support hotel industry.

Because of the government support, hotel can keep their quality and good develop on next five On the challenge, Hong Kong open the visit policy from China in 2003, but the policy start with negative impact. A large number of Chinese tourists to enter to Hong Kong on next five years, the hotel prices rise and make the place crowed, so that Europe ND the United States and elsewhere in Asia travelers deterred to Hong Kong (Hong Kong and Macro Individual Visit, 2012). We are too dependent on Chinese tourists in Hong Kong, if China happen to the problem, the Hong Kong hotel industry will encounter great difficulties.

From the view of technological, on the opportunity that many of Hong Kong hotels start to use and develop some modern facilities coming next five years such as put the computer in room for the hotel guests can see weather report, city map and shopping information. Also the guests can use online payment processing, for example one online payment system called Papal. It can good for the hotel guest trade their room fees speed fast, reliable, easy and cost-effective (Ebay, 2012). Also, the system can make you feel at ease shopping, the financial information is kept strictly confidential, preventing fraud or identity theft.

The hotel sales officer starts use the email for communication and promotion. It can build up the relationship more close and easy. The customs can first time to get the new promotion information. All of the chances have a good effect on hotel industry on next five On the challenge, electronic systems will have security loopholes, easy hacking, and theft of personal data. It will affect the image and reputation of the hotel. From view of socio-cultural, on the opportunity that many festivals such as mid- autumn festival, New Year and the Buddha Ting can attract tourist to Hong Kong.

For example, on the Christmas, This Shah Thus East Lighting has in its 30 years, it attract millions of visitors to Hong Kong to watch every years (Collective memories of Hong Kong peoples, 2012). Also, Hong Kong is a mature Convention and Exhibition City. Lat has conduct many events and convention every year. Hong Kong provide many business hotel for traveler for meeting and events. For example, Global Sources open many fairs on April and October every years in Hong Kong (Global Sources, 2012). They like to live some hotel near the Hong Kong convention center and the Asia World expo.

For example, The Marriott hotel build on the next of the Asia World expo, because of the demand of MICE, it attract many business traveler to this hotel coming next five years (Marriott hotel, 2012). Many Hong Kong people like slime and good service with tourist. Visitor can get more experience of socio-cultural in Hong Kong. On the challenge, nearly area such as Macaw, Singapore and Shanghai are development and attract on the MICE tourists. They become Hong Gong's competitors in this regard on next five years, so Hong Kong have a big challenge to maintain on this edge.

From the view of economic, hotel average rent is $914 by 15. 8% increase in 2005 (Windpipe, 2005). Lot of hotels in construction because of the growing of economic and the big spending power come from mainland china. On the coming year 2013, Hong Kong will open four hotels such as Mira Moon, Best Western Grand Hotel etc ( Hong Kong Hotels Association, 2012). The occupancy rate of hotel as of September this year, it compared to increase of 6. 8% from 2011 (Hong Kong Tourism Board, 2012), so the hotel room demand is very large.

Because of money change rate, ARM is more purchasing power than Hong Kong dollar. It can get ten opportunity more tourists from China and live the hotel on next five years. To attract On the challenge, economic is very bad around the world. European debt crisis and financial crisis have a bad effect on the hotel industry on coming next five years. The financial crisis will result in part to poor management of the hotel to withdraw from he market (Ezekiel, 2012). Because of financial crisis, tourist sentiment to travel decreased. It is the big challenge of Hong Kong next five years.

To the conclusion, we can see that Hong Kong hospitality industry of hotel can have more challenging in the coming five years. Above five points of the decisive factors, it will conducive to the development of the hotel industry and future trends. I think that Hong Kong should improve the air quality first. The government can build more parks and reduce the car exhaust. Also, the government should more promotion Hong Kong o other country such as Europe and the Americas, it can balance the bad effect on China visit policy. Hong Kong should have a sense of crisis, as it has been a great competition in the near area.

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