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Blue Fin Restaurant

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Imagine walking in the door of a lovely restaurant. Inside, the customers see Asian paintings and notice the clean restaurant with a fusion taste. Blue Fin restaurant is filled with Japanese heritage and atmosphere. Japanese speaking hosts seat the hungry customers at a table lined with a hand-stitched Asian tablecloth with candles on top. The waiter brings the menus and tea to the table, and while deciding what to order, the customers can relax to traditional Japanese house music all the way to modern day music.

Before ordering, customers are tortured with the aroma of the food surrounding them. Fresh tea all around, hot soup, and delicious appetizers right from the kitchen pass by their table on the way to the mouths of other hungry customers. Deciding what to order could be the hardest task of the night. Looking around at what others have ordered doesn’t help much either: almost every dish looks good enough to eat. The menu has a variety of different Japanese dishes. With everything from Shrimp tempura to fresh Sushi, almost anyone can find something they can enjoy.

The ambience of Blue Fin is that this new space has a sort of club atmosphere, with flashing lights; ambient electronic; a red, black, and white color scheme; even a cool bathroom. It may be awful lot of atmosphere crammed into a tiny storefront, but while waiting for your order you can enjoy yourself with the surroundings. The idea of giving a Japanese restaurants tears it apart from traditional sushi restaurants, it gives it a more modernistic yet a unique taste that it can target young couples or all sorts of age to come.

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Blue Fin Restaurant

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When you walk into a restaurant you don’t want to see just a plain restaurant with dull colors, you want to be able to remember it and be able to keep the taste of it fresh in your mind. Blue Fin is an upscale restaurant that welcomes family and businesses. Usually Japanese restaurants are looked upon as a more expensive place than others, but with the quality that Blue Fin has to offer it is well worth the money. The restaurant is located in downtown Chicago the center of all attention.

Around this restaurant there are many attractions including Millenium Park, train station and also by many offices including Chase Bank building. This location was chosen so that people can not only have the choice of choosing the typical Italian Bistro restaurants that Chicago is known for, but also can have a new sense of an up-scale Japanese Fusion restaurant. There will be three servers, four sushi chefs, and two assistant chefs behind the kitchen, one manager and also one bartender that would be serving only during the dinner shift.

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