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The person I like to talk about is my friend Dina.

She is a beautiful girl and a kind person. She loves her family so much. She has got long hair his color is blond. She is white. She has a beautiful family. She studied hard in school. She is a clever person. Her hopes are reading in history. I’d like to befriend her. I’d love her too much. How are you? I would like to speak on skype, my father. He works in a doctor. He short and fat and near a wint. He doesn’t love jop. He lives in a marth Matroh. He doesn’t live in Mahalla. He doesn’t love crowed. He loves me a lot. He hopes to see me, doctor. I’d like to speak about the personality very beautifully. He is called Magdi Yakoup. He helps illness. He is an old man. He is successful. He makes surgery operation in heats. He gives children a new life. The person I will describe is my sister. She is beautiful. She has long hair. She is blond. She is kind and helpful. She is clever in her work. She is a teacher of English. She likes drawing. She is ideal for me. I want to be like her. My father is my ideal. He is tall and thin. He has a strong personality. He is a fantastic character. He is a teacher. He like watching TV and he like films. He works hard in school. I like him so much because he is kind and clever. The person who I want to describe is my sister.

She is blond. She is short and fit. She is kind and different from my sister's second. She has a baby. I love her so much. I see her ber week. She is very busy all week. She is a nurse. She has a big heart. She likes her husband and all the people. She is a lovely person. I’d like to talk about my father. He is handsome. He has fine black hair and white clear skin. He is smart and always successful in his study. He is working now as a teacher in one primary school. He works hard and all the students love him. His favorite hoppy is playing football. He is too kind and thoughtful. I love him too much. I hope that he can live for a long time. I wish him a long life. I’d like to speak about my father. He is a teacher. He works at one secondary school in Mahalla. All the students and his colleagues like and respect him as he is a hard worker. He is too kind and thoughtful. I love him too much as he treats me gently. He likes fishing and cooking but my mother doesn’t like him to make anything in the kitchen. She complains from him as he making the kitchen untidy. However, my mother likes him and his cooking so much. Finally, he is a funny and lovely person that everyone likes to be a friend to him. I describe my mother. I love my mother.

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She is a kind woman and good in the workhouse. She is a teacher of English. The student loves her because she loves them and she teaches English very well. She is a blond face. She loves me and another family. She tries to keep me and my brothers a good person. She is cheerful. She is helpful. She helps other people if someone asked her any help. Her hobbies are reading and watching t. v. about news. She hopes to me to be a doctor and I will try hard to achieve her dream. I love her and I will name my daughter that name as her. I will describe my mother. She is my friend. I love her so much. She is so kind and friendly. She working in her house. But she didn’t complete her education, but she is very clever. She cooks well. She keeps the house tidy and order. She likes to go with her neighbors to the markets, this is her favorite hobby. At last, she is a lovely woman. She likes shopping. I describe my mother. She is tall and fit. She got long black hair. She has eyes green. She is great. She is a kind woman. She is clever in the workhouse. She deals well and nicely. She like sport and computer games. All people love her. My mather is patient. Although her life is hard, she is smiling all the time. My mather is blond. She is helping a life. She is personality great. She is beautiful.

She is ideal. She is tired of her children. She is a teacher. She is like an exciting adventure. I like my mother. my mom is my reason to live. She looks after me and my brothers. She is a housewife. She is quite tall. She is kind and helpful. She teaches me how to communicate with people. She is blond with green eyes. She is a great woman. She teaches me how to depend on myself. She is my ideal. I would like to be like her. She is a friend to me. She said to me if I want to do anything tell her about it before I do it to tell me that is write or wrong because she would like to see me and my brother a good person and all of the people love ours. I think God to give my mother like this. I should do it ‘s best to please her because she learned me and looking after me. She likes to stay with me and my brothers. My father is a fantastic person. He works as an engineer. Everyone loves him. He is nice, well-dressed, and tidy. He is a very useful person. He has a big knowledge and very intelligent. He helps me in my life and study as he can. He works for long hours. He is always busy but although he comes with me to the club on Friday. As a whole, I think he is the most wonderful person I ever know. My father is a great person. He works as a teacher. Everyone respects him.

He is an open mind. He is a very useful person. He gave me information about everything you can imagine. He always helps me in my study. He knows a lot about our religion El-Islam. He is a preacher in the mosque. In general, I think he is the most wonderful man in the world. My brother Ibrahim. He is kind and funny. He is working in a company. He is blond. He is short. He is my friend. He is my mirror. He advises me and gives the opportunity to speak. He likes to travel, and trips. He likes life. I would like to describe my uncle. He is a very kind man. He is a tall man, fit. He likes plays tennis. He is looking smart. His eyes are black and he works at Tanta university. He is a professor at this university. I like him that he is kind, helpful, patient, and friendly. I proud because he is my uncle. I loved him. My father is a great man. I admire him the most. He is tall and fit. He looks likes Ahmed Al-saka. He has a black her, small lips and wide eyes. He is an ingineer. He is a hard man in his work but he is helpful. He likes his work so much. His favorite hoppy is playing football and watching t. v. news. Really he is a man with all the word meaning. Ever since I first met my admirable friend Noha on a journey for Alexandria several years ago, she has been my favorite, irreplaceable companion.

At first glance, you can also see her long, blond hair, as well as slender body which make her look really amazing. She has a beautiful face with blue eyes, a small nose, and a large beautiful mouth. The most characteristic thing about Noha is her sense of humor. She is sociable and often cheers everybody up in different situations. Moreover, she is ambitious and optimistic. She seems quick-tempered but in reality, deep down, she is really an amiable person. In her spare time, she goes either to the mosque or the club with her elder sister. To sum up, Noha really deserves admiration due to her good qualities. She shows people how to be a better person. I hope our friendship will never end. Ahmed is my old brother and my best friend as well. He looks likes Rogdy Abaza. He is handsome, well-built, and robust. He has black fair hair, black eyes like coal and light skin. Moreover, He has a good appearance as he is stylish and well-dressed. He is kind and ambitious. He is very religious and his only hoppy is reading Koran. He is a student at Science University. He likes the study of science so much. He studies hard and hopes to be like Ahmed Zeweil. He always helps me to overcome any problems that face me.

He keeps my secrets. I really respect and love him. My mother is the most important person in my life. She really deserves to be talked about all the time. She is somewhat short but beautiful and good-looking. She is a teacher at my secondary school. She works hard and all student s love and respect her. She always helps me in my study. She wants me to be a doctor. She gives me advices to be the best girl in the world. She is an intelligent, clever and open mind and funny that my father feels that she is his heart. She is kind. She helps poor people. Really I like her so much and can’t live without her. I’d like to tell you about my mother. This is a person who admires it most. She is quite tall. She has long hair. She is a teacher. She is very beautiful. She is a generous and kind woman. She helps other people. She is cheerful. I like it very much. Now, She is very ill, I hope her a speedy recovery. She works in El-Mahalla Secondary school. She goes every day except Friday. On Friday, we go to our farm. It is very big. We go there and have lunch. After that, we play together. Finally, I ‘d like to be like her. My mother’s sister or my aunt is the person who I want to talk about most.

She suffered a lot but never asked for help as she thinks that asking for help is a symbol of weakness. She always gave a smiled face. My aunt lives in Abu-Ali in Gharbia. She is my idol. She has good characteristics. She is impetuous, kind, clever, generous, She always wears a wide black dress with a black veil. She is religious too. She always tells us religious stories. Finally, I can said that she is a pretty woman. I will describe my grandma. She has the perfect words that I need for my progress. She has a beautiful smile. Some people say I look like her when she was a teenager. I think it is true and I am happy about that. My grandma has many talents. She can cook very fast. She is a good storyteller. I admire her because she is very intelligent, and she had many goals in her life. My mother goes to her work and leaves me and my brother and sister with her. She takes care of us because she loves us as I and my brother and sister love her. She was an Arabic teacher but now retired. So I wanted to be a teacher like her, with a small difference, I’m an English Teacher. She was working hard every day and until now she likes to learn something new every day. She always can advise me, when I am making a decision. I think it is the best person on Earth.

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