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Apart from the usual things that goes along with this class, I can’t help at times to cite things that I really do like and the things that quite irk me off a bit sometimes. These things I like keep me going through on and on with my usual life here in the university and the things I don’t like are the ones that remind me that, yeah, I can’t have it all. I really like talking to people. I really like the feeling that I get to know a lot of different personalities as I go on through this class each and every exercise. Writing my thoughts is one thing I don’t like however.

I really find it difficult each and every time I had to write, something like this. It’s like I always wanna talk instead of pushing every keyboard tab in my computer. I also don’t like seeing red or green lines each time I write! It’s so frustrating of a feeling to see a barrage of lines going under each of my work at times, especially at times that I’m cramming to finish off a research paper to meet a deadline. The lines are there to help yeah, but I guess help should also know when and where not to help me so that I could still be in the mood to do the things and write then off well.

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Blog Entry

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Think about it, given that I don’t like to write much of my thoughts, how much more if I’d see red and green lines under every words I type. That thing is so horrendous, I just don’t quite like that. Anyway, there could also be other things to be liked about in this class, one of that is having the feeling of being free to do just exactly what we want, the way we want it. I guess nothing could be more exciting than that, I guess some of the readers of this paper know what I mean but yeah, we always have to play by the rules still. Albeit, it is always exciting of a feeling to still play by the rules.

Another thing I don’t like is following too much orders and rules in school and at home. It makes me feel that I was born to just follow orders. On the other hand, breaking these rules sometimes is one of the things I really do like because deviating at times just provides me the thrills and the act of being caught can always be exciting. To sum up everything, I could say that majority of the things that I like are those that makes me feel that I am free to do what I want and for those that I don’t, they just make me feel frustrated and not to mention, dumb.

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