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Life in general is considered to be made up by randomness and chaos. But despite of all the randomness and chaos there are still individuals who live life to the fullest. Many associate success to being organized. This important lesson is learned only through experience and through trial and error. A perfect setting for learning the valuable habit of being organized is the school. Students learn that to pull through the many subjects in school, one should be organized. Through experience, we learn that being organized makes the life of a student more manageable as opposed to being unorganized.

A student’s life is already stressful as is. There are the seemingly endless homework and exams. Being organized could make a student’s life less stressful. There are two factors that a student should learn to organize: studies and time. Studies pertain to school work and study habits while time refers to how a student utilizes one’s time. Studies According to my experience, an organized approach to studies would translate to good grades. One way of organizing studies is to have separate notebooks for different subjects. Having just one notebook for every subject would make it difficult for the student to review for exam.

On the other hand, having separate notebooks for different subjects makes reviewing more feasible. Having separate notebooks also means that there would be fewer pages to browse. It would also be helpful if a student puts a date above the page of one’s notes. Through putting dates, a student is organizing one’s notes according to the time he or she had jotted them down. This would prove to be effective as exams are given at different periods of a semester. A student can immediately locate specific notes of a specific time frame for their particular exams.

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When I was still inexperienced in the world of formal education, I did not prioritized having my notes organized. Just like most students, I was more focused on jotting every word and squeezing them in the pages of my notebook. The problem with focusing on writing down everything is that I did not have the opportunity to listen attentively to the lecture and the concept that is being discussed. Every student is likely to have encountered the problem of losing things when they need them. The primary reason for that problem is being unorganized. The backpack or bag of a student should be kept organized at any time.

It could even be considered that a bag or backpack is one of the most vital tool that a student could have. If a backpack is organized, a student could acquire the things one need immediately like pens, books and notebooks, food, and especially the small things like sharpeners. Students should also aim for an organized style of taking down notes. Students should always bear in mind that they would later on review those notes for exams of homework. There is no point in taking down notes if a student cannot comprehend what he or she had written.

One way of being organized when taking down notes is underlining or highlighting key words and concepts. In this way, a student does not need to jot down every word that his or her professor said. After the lecture, a student can consult his or her books to expand the notes for a more comprehensive review material. Time Another important factor that a student should strive to organize is time. As the saying goes “time is gold”, but for students time could translate to grades. Many students are stressed by school because they view a student’s life to be short of time.

But if a student handles one’s time in an organized manner, he or she would see that students are given more than enough time to fulfill one’s duties as a student and even have time for other activities. A typical problem of students is being late for school and deadlines. The obvious reason for being late is definitely being unorganized with regards to managing time. When a student is unorganized in terms of time management, he or she may suffer from lack of sleep. This is because students typically do their studying and homework late at night, not to mention other extracurricular activities.

As a consequence of this, students may turn up in school late because they have to make up for their lack of sleep. Another consequence of being unorganized in terms of time management is poor performances in exams. It is very typical of students to complain that they are only provided a short time for studying before the exam. What students do not realize is that there is more than enough time for studying, the problem is that they are not utilizing time in an organized manner that is why time is being wasted. A proven way of organizing ones’ time is through making a schedule and to-do lists.

Students should make a schedule so that they know when to work at a task and finish them on time. Through making a schedule, a student can accomplish his or her task ahead of time. At first, I had thought that having a schedule would only make me finish homework before the deadline. Then I had realized that being organized in managing my time had opened new doors for me. Since being organized time lets me finish my duties at school way before the deadline, I have now more time to devote on other aspects of my life. Being organized in time permits me to spend more time with family and friends.

The extra time that I can spend had augmented my participation in the society. The extra time also allowed me to learn lessons that are not being taught in schools like socializing and making friends. I can now participate more in extra-curricular activities without worrying about missing out on my schoolwork. I noticed that my performances in exams are dramatically improved since I have more time to prepare myself. But the most notable of all the positive effects of being organized is that a student can have more time for one’s self.

Having no time for one’s self is the primary reason why most students are suffering from stress. It is important to consider that stress is what makes studying tiresome. If a student is not stressed, he or she may develop a view on studying as enjoyable and productive. Conclusion Being organized is definitely one of the key to success in any endeavors. The very evidence of this is how the early men had managed to survive through being organized as opposed to other living organisms. Being organized is an essential trait as we could see in successful people, companies, government, even science—the organized body of knowledge.

On the other hand, being unorganized leads a student to cramming and studying under a shorter time in comparison to being organized. It is important that a student develop the trait of being organized during their learning years. Being organized makes an individual ready to face any challenges that life may throw at him or her. Though, being organized requires discipline and sacrifice, it is just worth it as the price would be good grades—a price that any student would like to achieve.

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