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Assignment Argumentative Essay

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In this essay I will explain at least three different proactive approaches to crime within communities. "A number of proactive strategies address violence in the community. Generally, these strategies focus on community interaction, family bonding, personal skill development, quality health care, youth activities, and so forth. The research may be applied to strategies designed to reduce violence in any community" (Meadows, (2010).

The rebuilding the village proactive approaches states that adage that it takes an entire village to raise a child has merit. If the village is disorganized or founded on morally weak principles, the statement may not be accurate. This strategy focuses on the need to strengthen community organization. One prevention strategy would be to pair schools with community-based secular or religious organizations to develop activities to reduce violent and disruptive behavior by and against youth in the schools and surrounding communities" (Meadows, (2010).

Educating parents about the importance of supervising and monitoring their hillier, becoming more involved in their children's lives, and increasing their knowledge of their children's activities and whereabouts can also reduce the possibility of violence. Providing youths with opportunities to serve their community, resolve disputes peacefully, and develop leadership skills that will enable them to promote healthy alternatives to violence will decrease tendencies to resort to violence in a variety of circumstances" (Meadows. (2010).

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People need opportunities to gain recognition to Improve their self-esteem. Poor self-esteem is frequently at the base of violence. The objectives of these Initiatives are to reduce racial, ethnic, and religious intolerance through education and to provide youths with models on how to communicate, solve problems, plan, develop leadership skills, manage resources, and remove barriers to success. These approaches will help reduce their engagement in risky behaviors and assist In developing an attachment to respected people, places, and activities" (Meadows, (2010).

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