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Are Iphones Making Us Stupid?

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Bridgett Goss English 101 MWF 11-11:50 September 23, 2012 Dr. Barko Are IPhones Making Us Stupid? Have we become too depended on our portable technology? Some people, not just teenage girls, cannot function without having their phone in hand constantly. Technology is not a just product anymore, it is a lifestyle, and without it people honestly do not think that they will not make it. These smart phones have everything on them; you can access internet search sites, shopping net works, public networks, and so much more.

People are so into their phones that they will look like complete idiots by running into things and sometimes seriously hurting themselves because they are so taken into by their phones. I know I am a person that depends on my phone for everything, even simple things like telling the time. My phone is my access to my family all the way back in Louisiana, that is how I not only get to talk to them but also get to see them by using Skype and other camera products.

Without texting and being able to communicate with other people that are across the country from me I will go crazy. I think that technology, especially smart phones, like the IPhone, they are an addiction. Like the article with Google, we are dependent on them, we do not retain information because all we have to do is type it in our phone or even talk to and ask our phone and we get a quick response.

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Are Iphones Making Us Stupid?

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People’s phones are their source of work also, they have their entire work career on their phone, and in some cases also their personal lives. Is there anything we can do to fix our addiction to our phones? Hopefully it will not become much more of a problem than it already is, as a whole our civilization needs to understand that technology is a resource not a life solution.

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