Apples To Oranges, Men And Women

Last Updated: 17 Dec 2022
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Gender equality has been a complex concept since cavemen and cavewomen came to existence. Throughout time people have questioned and analyzed the “role” you’re given when you’re identified as an XY or a XX in the womb; from designated colors, blue for boys and pink for girls the gender you are born with determines most things in the day to day life for people. Through a series of Ted Talks and articles the ideology of gender roles is questioned and whether of toxic masculinity or toxic femininity is the root of this issue.

Lost in the Kitchen written by Dave Barry, provides the visualization for many couples of a Thanksgiving dinner; with the insight of the insignificance of a man in a kitchen versus a woman's’ importance in one. The man's role is to relax and the duties of such a sacred holiday be passed along to the women to maintain with their significant others pleasures in mind. The diction within is to say “...who are not afraid to stay home full time and get coated with baby vomit while their wives work as test pilots”(1) using words to relate to the everyday chauvinistic man that staying home is a choice for men, a career choice for men, along with the, indication that “vomit” refers to a uniform.

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This mindset is seen again but throughout 'Mind over Muscle,' by David Brooks (2005),which assess the data from the past 30 years to depict the reasoningings behind a womens excelling academic performance over a mans and how society has adapted from a man’s world to a women’s The use of logos allows the author to catch a wider and broader audience and create credibility with the audience; As Brooks states statistics from the Department of Education and the Pell Institute identifying that women have intellectually excelled and this moves over to their everyday life after schooling.

Brooks whole point was the make the inequality between the expectations of men and women evident, and ironically men have been neglected to focus on the more progressive gender; women. The use of sources and a knowledgeable tone throughout targets those who believe that men and women should claim an equal amount of resources to succeed and no one should be left out.

The philosophy of this is that men and women are not equally and should not be treated as two equal beings but instead recognize their differences and produce adaptable resources for them to take advantage of. Although very parallel articles they both have a clear idea of what men and women should be subjected to. Who sets the standards for men and women or is it a natural instinct to abide by gender roles which have been implanted in our daily lives for centuries?

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