Analysing Sustainability Policies Of Hewlett Packard Environmental Sciences Essay

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Company debut. I have selected HP Ltd Company for my assignment subject. Hewlett-Packard ( HP ) is an first-class company. It provides printing and scanning equipments to consumers, concerns, and industry and intuitions all over the World. The company is non merely limited to the industry of pressmans, scanner and peripheral equipment but besides provides consultancies, entree devices, personal computer science and worldwide services to big, average sized and little administrations. I have selected HP Printer Company due to its Climate friendly attitude that is rather obvious from its policies and one-year meeting studies. The HP Company is good committed to cut down C footmark in its policy. It has taken several practical attacks in last few old ages to cut down its C pes print.

HP is an international company with supply concatenation all over the universe. The direction construction consists of five board of managers. The chief sections include Nomination and Governance, Human Resource, Audit and engineering. In add-on to the direction board, the company has an executive apparatus dwelling upon senior and executive frailty presidents from concern division and caputs of corporate maps. The executive commission has different duties than the direction squad. The executive commission ensures that the ethical and environmental policies of the company are decently followed. HP uses an first-class nomenclature in planetary ethical small town. It uses the word `` planetary citizenship '' which is an existent duty, a company should play to protect planetary environment and beauty to quality for planetary coitizenship.

Functions of company

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Distinctive characteristics

The eco-cost are the amount of direct and in-direct costs of the environmental impacts caused by the merchandise in its full life rhythm. The purpose of the EMS is to happen out alternate design, theoretical account and parts which are eco-friendly. Actually, it is true analysis as impacts on environment does be us like waste direction or the wellness jeopardies to the public etc. HP is climate friendly company. It add the cost of wellness jeopardies of ink, disposal cost and usage of electricity in the existent cost of the pressman to happen out the environmental impacts. Its alone policies to command EMS inside the administration and proctor external organizational environmental activities has made it successful and typical in modern fabrication industry. It has good developed EMS for long clip that is continuously revised and reviewed. The acute involvement of HP Ltd in environmental protection through its fabrication procedure, preparations, awareness compaigh, research, aid to associated houses and counsel to its employees are important characteristics of HP Ltd.

Business activities and relationship to environment

We can depict the impact of pressman by spliting it into three stages ; paper use impacts, electricity use and the direction of waste merchandises. Harmonizing to historical informations, the use of paper has increased to three crease over the last three decennaries ( Mckinny 1995 ) . The paper has been used as a chief beginning of information storage since antediluvian Egyptians invented the papyrus, the Chinese do it more perfect by big scale paper industry and Gutenberg invented the printing imperativeness ( Saaty 1980 ) . The planetary heating has increased the importance of paperless nomenclature and most of organisations and public-service corporation houses are exchanging to the paperless schemes ( Newton 1993 ) . HP Ltd is globally recognised company. It has strong concern dealingss to its partnr companies and subsidieries. HP is fabricating a immense scope of merchandises and rule merchandises like pressmans use vry toxic stuff in the signifier of ink. HP has taken an environmental protection attack to salvage environment by following EMS itself and guaranting that its concern links besides follow its policies. Its audit system, information and consciousness compaigh, support and advice to dependant concerns and proficient aid to associated concern provides satisfaction that HP is working towards its C print decrease scheme successfully and adequately. HP Ltd 's environmental policies are non ony refected from its internal organizational dealingss but besides through its relation to spouse companies through out the universe and dependent partnr companies like parts providers, packaging companies, transportors and preparation companies. HP has a right attack to supervise its internal organizational policies and observe external organition'sresonsibilities at the same clip.

Environmental duties of the company

Environmental impact

HP company is bring fo rthing many merchandises having direct or indirect impacts on environment. For simplenes, we can dis cussone merchandise ; Printers. Assorted metals are used in pressman 's fabrication. The metals include galvanized steel metal for construction, plated steel shafts, and Copper metal in motor and little fraction of Aluminum in other parts. These metal stuffs are reclaimable but Copper in motor may suppress steel recycling. The electronic constituent besides contributes to environmental impact and consists chiefly on printed electronic board ( PWB ) and some electronics. However, the electronic constituents merely make the 3 % weight of the pressmans in entire ( William et al 2005 ) . The electronics in pressmans consist on few PWB ; normally six and weighing approximately 250 gms. The circuit boards are made of few millimeters thick epoxy coated glass fibre cloth laminate plated with Cu but these are free of lead. The procedure of circuit board fabrication consists on FR4 laminate procedure ; a composite and popular laminate substrate industry procedure. The procedure is a wet processing method dwelling on cover, lithography, plating, and electronics engrafting to make a printed circuit board. The epoxy is normally assorted with a bromide fire retardent.

Hazard to the administration

HP company has environmental direction system in administration. The system has been developed many old ages ago and still come oning towards to cut down the footmark. The EMS is used to place hazards and impacts of the HP company on environment. HP company has a valid survelliance system to place environmental hazards by utilizing its EMS. The hazards may be present in assorted sections incuding operational departmemt, fabrication, packaging, selling and administration. Once cardinal hazard countries are identified and managed, further monitoring, reappraisal and alteration of EMS is carried out to guarantee successful safety to environment. HP company has besides an audit system to look into if the internal operations including environmental protection policy and process are followed or non. The audit section provides a regular observation to look into either company is successful to maintain its planetary citizenship or non.

The pressmans are used domestically, commercially and in industry. The general intent of domestically used pressmans is designed to make a satisfied occupation of publishing at acceptable flawlessness degree. Normally, no duplexer is associated with domestically used pressmans and pages are turned manually by the user. Largely two types of cartridges are used ; one for the text printing and other for the colour printing. A printer battalion normally comes with a pressman itself, a black cartridge, a colour cartridge, a power overseas telegram, an external power supply, a USB or other port linking overseas telegram, CD-ROM ( with package ) and a user information brochure. The pressman varies in size and usually weighs range from 1.5 to 5 kilogram. Similarly the monetary value varies harmonizing to do and quality.

Now we can take an analysis of pressman 's fabrication phase. Printers are made of polymers in their primary construction and in the industry of its parts ( Smits 1996 ) . Two most commonly polymers in pressmans include high impact polystyrene ( HIPS ) and acrylonitrile-butadiene cinnamene ( ABS ) . However, all plastics in pressmans are non needfully HIPS or ABS and 86 % of plastic in pressmans are reclaimable ( William et al 2002 ) . An excluding per centum is non reclaimable due to the presence of filets. However, for the simpleness of our instance survey, we assume that pressman plastics are ABS. We will be sing chief fabrication stuff in life rhythm and will non concentrate on the intermediate stuff processing, packaging and transportation. A tabular array for boxing stuff stock list has been reprocessed from information beginnings ( Jason et al 2005 ) .

Legal Duty

HP is successfully conformity with environmental related Torahs. These includes European brotherhood limitation of Hazardous Substances ( ROHS ) , WEE Direcive and many more. The ROHS enforce that any electronic merchandise fabrication company must do it certain that the merchandise or constituent may non incorporate lead, quicksilver, Cd, bexavalent, Cr, PBB and PBDE flameretardants more than and over the limitation imposed by jurisprudence. All HP merchandises are conformity with Eu ROHS alteration ( ROHS 2 ) , Turkey ROH, China ROH and all other Ro hiking limitations. HP was one of the few companies who foremost of all achieved complience with EU ROHS in stuff choice non merely in its subdivisions in Europe but in all over the universe. EU ROHS was implemented in 2006. The policy of conformity with material limitation harmonizing to EU ROHS is obvious from one-year study of HP. The one-year study provides a comprehensive treatment and decision on acceptance of material limitation in Al its planetary unit to follow environmental jurisprudence. The HP is besides conformity with WEEE directive. The directing enforce duty on manufacturer of a merchandise to to take back and recycle their ain merchandises. The purpose of directive is to cut down landfill, C print and encourage makers to bring forth less waste..

Critical Review of Company EMS system


Every administration concerned with environmental protection has fixed some duties in its charters towards the benefit of environment through its operations.HP is committed to supply environmental protection and therefore it has duties witin administration, with provider and towards general populace every bit good to guarantee that they understand environmental protection. HP has non merely audit system within its ain administration but besides an internal audit system to peep into suppier fabrication system against environmental duties. HP is non a individual unit but it is globally dispersed and has subsideries through out the universe. Head office of HP Ltd is responsible to maintain an appropriate EMS at all of its subordinates. Each concern unit has an environmental guidance commission on environment, heath and safety and a manager of environmental plans. HP has an effectual supply concatenation direction system that is responsible to describe environmental issues in its one-year planetary citizenship study.


Planning is the first measure in any direction activity. Similarly, HP has an accurate planning policy for its EMS. Protection of planetary citizenship by carry throughing environmental protection responcibility is ultimate aim in planning policy. The planning policy is non merely HP 's planning for EMS. The planning policy besides provide a tool for subordinates and deperndent concerns to develop and pull off their EMS. A council specialised in environmental issues and established to cover with EMS is known as Environmental Strategic Council in HP organizational construction. For illustration, few old ages ago, the strategic council took determination on exclusion of some chemicals from fabricating procedure. The chemicals were unsafe for wellness and safety and may foul environment due to long permanent effects. There was a affair ofcost rise in caseof following safe stuff but strategic council advise to follow safer chemicals instantly and research for cost effectual safer chemicals in future. Planning is used in planing, material subdivision, energy efficiency, selling and fabrication stages to guarantee EMS has been considered at every phase of a merchandise.

The impact of pressman use on environment can be best understood by sing C print produced as a consequence of energy use during its industry, usage and so in waste disposal. All phases of pressman should be considered get downing from, pressman industry to the terminal of printer life. None of the phases can be ignored as disregarding any stage will non number the existent sum of CO2 production at that phase. For illustration, if we ignore fabricating phase so we can disregard the CO2 produced at fabrication phase of the pressman.

Execution and operation

HP has an effectual direction system that addresses labour issues, labour direction issues, EMS issues, human resource issues, ehical issues and supply concatenation issues. The HP direction has arranged two audit systems. The internal audit system carry out frequent audits depending upon the degree and sum of hazard. The external audits are conducted to keep ISO 14001 and 9000 enfranchisement. The figure of external and internal audits vary harmonizing to the size of site aswell as the complexness of an administration. In HP Ltd, same scheme is applied for internal audits. However, the external audits are normally twice a twelvemonth to maintain ISO criterions. External audits are besides used as a tool to step and record the green house gas emanation. Internal audits farther verify these informations and helps in modifying EMS to decrese green house gas in future. Environmental protection is besides closely associated with wellness and safety ordinances. Therefor internal audits on wellness and safety are besides conducted on a regular basis by wellness and safety commission.


Communication is an indispensable tool for successful operation of a company. Communication is divided into two parts ; an internal communicating and an external communicating. HP Ltd has really effectual communicating system that was further strengthened by constitution of stakeholder battle council in 2006. Stakeholder engagement council consist on HP 's senior directors and guarantee company 's relationship with NGO and other stakeholders. The council members are responsible to supply comprehensive support to identify holders in all issues. These issues may be everyday, environmental, opratonal, organizational, preparation, audt or administration. The council member make certain that stakeholder understand the HP 's environmental policy and follow it efficaciously. HP doesnot go forth stakeholder in isolaton but provide an integrating communicating with stakeholder into concern pattern. The communicating is carried efficaciously in HP with the aid of be aftering tool, stakeholder battle, on-line information, cognition and database, practical and physical support centres and employee 's support. The degree and resource of communicating in HP Ltd includes meetings, studies, input consequences, one-year studies, action programs, policy and processs, conferences and docket Sessionss. HP communicates with clients, providers, contractors and sub-contractors, stakeholders, NGOS, local and international environmental bureaus, employees and empolyers to better understand emerging environmental issues.


HP has policy to document all its activities. Most of important activites are accessable through its one-year studies. HP is working towards environmental ends. It has besides adopted paperless schemes like other environmentally friendly administrations. Therefore most of HP paperss can be achieved on-line. The on-line paperss include HP providers, occupationa wellness andsafety policy, environmental guidelines, merchandise purchase understanding, purchase order term and conditions and many more.

Emergency readiness

The involvement of HP limited is existent and can be realised by HP programme to run a charting class of environmental leading in market. The EMS analyzer package, environmental advanced classs, reuse of stuff and following new engineerings are adequate grounds to label HP as an environmentally friendly company. HP has introduced a construct of environmtal matrices as a step of environmental efficiency. The matrices are focused on C print of a merchandise during its development. The usage of environmental matrices is an advanced thought as compared to life rhythm analysis methodological analysis. The environmental public presentation matrices are treated as standard units and are applicable to both domestic and commercial merchandises. HP has non merely improved its merchandises but besides recalled any merchandise, it found hazard to climate.

For illustration, the pressmans either industrial, commercial or domestic usage some chemicals in the signifier of ink which is harmful to the environment and human wellness ( Dias 2004 ) . These chemical are hepatotoxic, nephrotoxic and besides do important harm to lungs, skin and nervous tissues if exposed for long clip. The harmful stuffs used in pressman besides contain really hazadorous stuff including Silver, Phosphoric acid and Isopropyl intoxicant. HP has taken a careful attack and introduced less harmful chemicals. One of such steps is the arid printing. The waterless engineering reduces VOCs ( Volatile Organic Compound ) emanations by 98 % . The VOC are the major subscriber in formation of low degree Ozone ( Counsell et al 2007 ) . The low degree ozone can do respiratory jobs and worsen asthma and other respiratory diseases. The VOC are gasses dwelling on harmful chemicals with negative wellness effects. These chemicals cause environmental pollution by distributing crude oil based ink dies ( Erbes 1996 ) . Petroleum based inks have been the traditional pick in the printing industry. These inks are non considered as environmentally friendly. The other disadvantages of crude oil based inks are the usage of non-renewable resource-petroleum. HP has introduced ink betterment in print industry. These inks are vegetable based and soy based inks and let go of few fractions of VOC.

Management Review

HP has adopted EMS system for many old ages but it is continuously updated after reappraisal, alteration and amendments in the visible radiation of feedback received by assorted resources. EMS is reviewd andupdated by assorted ways. For illustration, HP run an on-line moralss class for its employees and each employee is tracked either he has updated his preparation or non. In add-on to moralss preparation, other preparations like environmental protection, wellness and safety, fire drill, emergy emptying and consciousness of policy and processs are besides availablein local and multiple linguistic communications. The best illustration of a compulsory preparation at Canada HP centre is called `` Work Well '' preparation and cnsist on ergonometric appraisal and compulsory preparation faculties. Stakeholders are besides involved in environmental awareness preparation but it is conducted by HP employees directy interacting with external stakeholders by virtuousness of their businss activities. An on-line consciousness an preparation programm is besides available through HP chief web site. In add-on to earlier mentionedtrainings, HP arrange leading, entire quality direction preparations and any farther preparation, it considered necessary for the protection of gobal environment.

Life rhythm analysis and EMS

Global heating, environmental pollution, industrial reforms to pull off environmental pollution and human attempts to command planetary heating are hot issues now-a-days ( Curran 1996 ) . Every merchandise has a life rhythm get downing from its fabrication to its terminal of life ( Lehman 2007 ) . The life rhythm appraisal ( LCA ) is a important tool to measure the impact of a merchandise on environment throughout its life ( Hischier 2007 ) . Mechanical and fabricating applied scientists can take benefit of LCA informations of a merchandise to reexamine and revise the stuff, design and engineering of the merchandise to cut down its negative impact on the environment ( Fussler et al 1996 ) . With the information of LCA of the merchandises, it is possible to choose environmentally friendly stuff to do merchandises pleasant, less harmful to environment and more efficient ( Guinee 2001 ) . Cost has been a important inducement but information of planetary heating has changed man of affairs and purchaser 's position about a merchandise ( Newton 1993 ) . Both purchaser and concern adult male is more attractive to environmentally friendly merchandise ( Cramer et al 1997 ) . Use of computing machines in modern epoch has created a batch of peripheral and accoutrements used parallel to the computing machines. Printers, scanners, web Cam and many other accoutrements are mundane usage in modern epoch. Each of these merchandises is made of assorted stuffs and therefore has assorted phases of life rhythm.

There are three important methods to measure the environmental impact of a merchandise ( James 1997 ) . These are known as eco-point, eco-cost and eco-compass. In life rhythm environmental cost analysis ( LCECA ) , the eco costs are included into the entire cost of the merchandise.

The LCA of a pressman has been outlined in figure ( 1 & A ; 2 ) get downing from its industry to the terminal of life. The life rhythm of the pressman defines the stuff and energy associated with the pressman over its life rhythm from the extraction, aggregation of the natural stuff at production site, production procedure, its usage, reuse, recycling or disposal at the terminal of life and its part in the planetary C pes print. In a existent sense, the LCA of pressman is an analysis of the stuff and energy flow till the terminal of merchandise life. The packaging and transportation of pressmans besides contribute to the C print and do a part in their life rhythm ( Hischier 2007 ) . The packaging consists on composition board box, poster board, and paper manual and polystyrene restraints ( PEPI 2008 ) . There may be strips of paper film editings as been used to procure pressman packaging in the yesteryear. Transportation and transit of pressman besides contribute in the C print of the planetary heating

The pressmans use paper, ink and electricity through out of their life rhythm. The cartridges consist on polythene Terephthalate ( PET ) glass filled polyester and electronics. Largely, LCA of a merchandise is focused to happen out impact on C pes printing ( Guinee 2001 ) . Harmonizing to a research conducted by HP on its inkjet pressman LCA, paper has a important part in carbon pes printing ( HP 2009 ) . Contribution to carbon pes printing is a planetary nomenclature to happen out environmental impact of a merchandise during its lifecycle ( Fussler 1996 ) . An stock list tabular array has been reprocessed by taking information from two resources ( See table 1for pressman and table 2 & A ; 3 for Cartridge and packaging )

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