Economy Computers: Dell versus Hewlett-Packard

Last Updated: 26 Jan 2021
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Computer is an important part of every household nowadays. And with the economy in recession, it is important to check everything that we buy. One may not be able to dig in over super computers. As a result, one might consider buying a personal computer that can do almost of all of the basic things, from entertainment up to some basic computing needs, without having to break their piggy banks. In this paper, we will compare computers of two different companies, Hewlett and Packard (HP) and Dell.

Also, we will take into consideration the economic impact of computers we will compare answering the underlying question, which computer is the best to buy in the time of economic recession? When comparing computers, the first thing we check always is the price. The question that comes with that is, is the computer worth that price? In other words, the specifications of the computer should go with the price. In checking specifications, one should look for the following: processor, memory and hard drive, etc. These specifications are the main things to consider other than the price.

We will now compare the cheapest computer of both company and we will determine if the price tagged to it is worth it or not. The cheapest computer of Dell in the market today is Dell Inspiron 531. This computer model is priced at $599. The processor of this model is AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+. With this processor, booting up of pc is fast enough and can handle multitasking. The next thing is the memory. The memory of this model is 2 GB. A 2 GB memory is a good support to the dual-core processor. This makes multitasking in this model great. The 320 GB hard drive is good enough for installing applications and storing files for a day to day basis.

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The package comes with a Windows Vista operating system which is quite hard to run on low specification PC. The package also comes with a NVIDIA Geforce 6150 graphics card which helps in running the visual Vista operating system. Also included is a DVD-RW optical drive. In addition to the whole package is a very long 3 year warranty from the company. The cheapest brand of HP computer in the market today is HP Pavilion Media Center. This HP model is has a tag of $1112. Definitely, it is higher than that of Dell Inspiron 531. With an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, HP Pavilion has the advantage of having a good core processor.

Also add a 2 GB memory which is the same as the Dell Inspiron. However, HP has only offered 250 GB hard drive which is less than that of Dell. HP Pavilion does not go with a Vista operating system because it lacks video card although, it has a PCI slot for a video card upgrade. Also included is a DVD RAM DL. A 1 year warranty is added to the package. A $599 versus $1112 computer, definitely, buyers will look after the smaller price tag in this time of recession. With the proper knowledge in computer specifications, a good buyer will definitely choose Dell over HP. Dell’s Inspiron 531 has taken the edge in this battle of economy computers.

A fast dual core processor, big memory, big hard drive, graphics card, operating system, optical drive and an extended warranty, who might think they can get this all at a very low price. Dell Inspiron has taken it all in a very affordable price. Price tag is still the first consideration in buying computer in this time of recession and with Dell’s low price tag, consumers will look forward to inspecting it first before HP or other brands. And with this price tag for Dell Inspiron, one can say that it is not properly tagged for its value but it is worth buying it.

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