An Overview of the Global Citizens as Legally Recognized Persons

Last Updated: 28 Feb 2023
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Global citizens are not legally recognized persons. Whose existence is best signified as "associatively." Global citizens are not defined more by the legal sanctions than by the "associational". That are very different from national citizens. This is because there are no international bureaucracies. That give protection and sanctions to global citizens and in spite of the fascinating rules and regulations suggested by the international community, global citizens remain to be individuals who work, play and live within the transnational and international status and norms that go beyond the national sovereignty and international boundaries. It is important to note that associational status in this context has a double role.

It explains an exceptional characteristic of global citizens at the same time expressing the specific aspects of post-modernity particularly referred to as "lifestyle politics" (Bennett, 2000). Steenbergen (1994) tries to explain this relationship between lifestyle politics and global citizens to be more like "sociological" in its constitution. Rather than technically defining a citizen with "his or her affiliation to the state" (p. 2), global citizens represent a wholistic defining of citizenship where: you choose where you play, work or live and they are therefore not tied to their land of birth.

The modern life offers a great number of choices that range from politics to consumer products lying at the root of lifestyle politics (Franck, 1999). Falk (1994) reiterates that global citizens belong to a rudimentary organizational construction of allegiance and arenas. He says that many people are identifying with are no bounded by or focused on the formal relationships that they have to their territorial communities are symbolized by a state. Traditional citizenship is being challenged and recreated by the significant activism associated with this international social and political evolution (Falk, 1994).

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Traditional ties between the state and its citizens are loosening and are substituted by the less jointed loyalties that elucidate the lifestyle politics. Concepts of relationships between the state and citizens that came after the French and the American Revolution, the formation of the contemporary state after the eighteenth century no longer hold water. It is not coincidental, for instance, that the first to get the enfranchisement were the men who served in the French and the American armies (Kaspersen, 1998). The army of citizens today is now being replaced by professional armies in our countries. The central component in the ties between the citizens and the state has been removed in the contemporary society. The public has a decreasing regard for the politicians while turning out in low numbers for the voting exercises. These loosening ties between the state and its citizens have led to the emergence of global citizens.

To shape what seems to be a shapeless idea-global citizens, pose dangers, most of which are usually speculations. Time spent at the airport in the airline frequent flier lounges helps to easily identify global citizens and their number is growing at an alarming rate. All the discussions on global citizens for instance take into account the changing political environments in the globalized world. The global citizens are favored and treated in a more special in many countries than the state-citizens in airport lounges, hotels, corporate sites and tourism destination making the state citizens jealous.

In such a case, enmity can arise putting the lives of the global citizens in danger. The role played by global citizens in the changing political environment is misty. The fact remains that the number of global citizens continues to grow and their effects are continuously being felt on the global political stage. This is an indication that these individuals need to be observed and studied in earnest. Efforts to try and find out that global citizens are is a minute step I understanding their presence, rights, obligations and influence on the rest of the people.

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