An Explanation on How All Physical Security is Linked Together

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Last Updated: 11 Nov 2022
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Depending on the level of security required for the certain establishment, the level of physical security at the prison would be reflected. An example of a prison with a high level of physical security would be HMP Norwich which houses Category B prisoners. There are several items of physical security which are used together to help maintain the high level of security which is required.

To start with the Prison is surrounded with a high exterior wall which has razor wire on top to prevent any inmates trying to climb over. This high wall acts as the last barrier between the inmates and the public. Then moving into the prison, each individual area is fenced off from each other to prevent easy access. With the high exterior wall and the further walls and fences around each area of the prison, these work together to prevent easy access across the perimeter of the prison and allow the prison staff to keep inmates secure within each area.

Around these fenced in areas would be CCTV cameras which help give a clear view of what is going on within the different exterior areas of the prison. With the CCTV would be search lights which would be used to highlight anyone or anything which shouldn't be in the enclosed areas. The use of both CCTV and spotlights allow the Prison Officers to monitor the different areas both throughout the days and at night.

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Joining each area would be a locked door or gate. These act as entry and exit methods for moving around the exterior and into the interior of the prison. Each entry/exit point would be locked using both a rudimentary lock and key with specific processes for accessing these keys. Whereas some areas of the prison may have more high tech entry methods including a biometric access point which cannot be opened without the thumb or fingerprint of a Prison Officer who works there. Through using

hese different methods of locking an area the prison can be made more secure.

Movement within and outside the interior of the prison can back up how the above all links together to maintain a high level of security. Inmates are controlled when moved in between each area by having them searched after leaving a different area. Because these inmates could pose a danger to those working at the prison and others serving time there, inmates aren't allowed to wonder around the prison as this could prove a risk to the security of the establishment. By controlling where the inmates can go and where they cannot, this means that the Prison Officers can maintain where they are at all times and stops the risk of inmates being able to escape and compromise the security.

Irregular search patterns can help maintain a high level of security within the prison. By patrolling the different areas of the prisons at both regular and irregular periods, it means that the inmates are not able to learn the patrolling patterns of the Prison Officers meaning that it would be harder for the inmates to hide any illegal contraband. This means that the security of the prison can be maintained because the Prison Officers would be able search cells and inmates at any time. This can also be linked to maintaining a good level of dynamic security because through having a good relationship with the inmates, it means that they would be less likely to hide contraband or perform actions which may affect the security of the prison.

Overall each of these different types of security at HMP Norwich show how they all play an important role in the security of the prison. Each component works effectively together to create a wide view of what is happening both within and outside of the prison, allowing the Prison Officers to maintain over watch on the Prison. Each type on their own wouldn't be able to secure the entire prison, but by using them all together the security of the prison can be monitored and maintained to a high standard.

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