An Ethical Issue in Human Behavioral Pharmacology

Last Updated: 01 Apr 2020
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An ethical issue in human behavioral pharmacology is the methodological one. The control group is a control condition that scientist use to see whether the drug they are investigating is really causing an effect on a person or persons through the control group. The placebo control is when psycho-pharmacology is essential to determining the pharmacological drugs effect that arose from long ago, when placebo effects were being discovered. A lot of how a drug affects a person is really in their belief of how the drug they are taking will influence their over all.

I believe if you tell yourself, I will get a high from this medication, the mind accepts this and you have programmed yourself to believe, I will and the person does. I also believe if we tell ourselves, "This isn't going to really help me, it will not. " There are the experiments of participants that are told they may or may not get the actual drug some do and some don’t. The double-blind method according to their beliefs and expectancies can certainly affect the results of the study.

The person who administers the drug will have expectancies about the drug, the person receiving the drug will have their belief about the drug, the drug with its actual effect is still under drug research. the professionals are still so skeptical about so many drugs and their affects on people. So placebo controls are definitely needed to interact with groups of people and see whether or not the drug really is needed for a person, if it is really working for their situation of illness at hand.

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I think there has been so much medication given to people when really, they didn't even really need it at all. Once the drugs is into their system and they get hooked, that person's life is destroyed and sometimes I think it was so uncalled for. Placebo Controls is really needed so much more in our drug administration. It seems every time you look at a physician, it's a super list of med. We definitely need more placebo controls. I encourage this all the way. If not a proven fact a person really needs drugs, then not to dispense any at all, our world would be in such a better shape.

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