An Analysis of America’s Pastime and the Concept of Flower Gardening

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Some People might think that is difficult to grow a flower. Actually, it's not, it's just as easy as growing any other type of Plant from a seed. All you need is a seed to plant, a flowerpot and some soil. There are mainly three important steps to growing a successful flower: Lighting, Watering, and Picking. You want Keep in mind your seed has to sprout before it can be planted. To do this you want to put the seed something moist for a few days. After it sprouts a root you can drop it in some soil. Then shortly after your plant will begin to grow out the dirt.

The first is lighting. For this normal house light bulbs will not due. A good type of light source is fluorescent. Lighting is essential in growing; you must have proper lights such as fluorescent. To insure a beautiful flower the more light is highly recommended. Any output lamp is ok as long as it's 40watts or higher and fluorescent. Anything lower would slow the growing process too much. Try a fluorescent screw in lamps to get best results at home. If you want you can upgrade to incandescent spotlights. It is the light source that makes the flower grow. Next you will want to regulate the light source in hours per day. The best set is between 12 and 18 hours of light per day. Depending on when you want the flower to bloom. From then on you will leave it on the schedule till time for picking.

Next you will want to water your plant. We all know that water has nutrients so the cleaner the water the better. Fertilizing the water can also ensure that your water is always good for the flower. You will only want to water your plant, as it needs it, every couple of days is usually sufficient. Also make sure when you water that it is evenly pour throughout the plant. By doing this you will be able to prevent the flower from drowning. Be sure you have a pot with good drainage spouts. If your pot does not already have them then just cut two or three holes in the bottom for water to leak out of. It will be helpful if you add something to catch the water or it will run out the bottom of the container.

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Now you will want to allow your flowers to grow for approximately 4 to 5 months. There is no set amount of time when it comes to growing plants. So what you will want to do is monitor the plants growth, this way you'll know when your flower is ready for the picking.

The last Step is Harvesting or "the Picking" which is the name I use. This is the last step because your flower only blooms once. It is important that you make sure that picking is done properly. There are two easy options to choose from to pick your plant properly. One, is to Pull the plant straight out of the container roots and all and hang it upside down for a day (24hours). Next you will need regular paper bags. Then put your flowers inside the paper bags with the top remaining open for about three to five days, depending on the dryness of the flowers. You want to the leaves to be dry. After the flowers have dried you will want to collect and group them into separate containers; glass jars will have the best results. From this stage on you should monitor the smell of the jars to ensure they are not molding.

Now after a night or two you will want to remove the flowers from the jar and set them on something paper so they can dry completely. Two you can use the same dying process of hanging the plant overnight. Then you use some potato sacks or any type of sack that air can circulate through and but them over your flowers. The bags should be kept as moist as possible and in direct sunlight for a week. After a week has gone by you will want to put in a paper sack until the flowers are died all the way up, like in step one. Then your plant is ready to be admired.

With these easy steps provided, you too will learn how easy it is to grow flowers. The reason I chose flowers is because of the beauty that plants like flowers bring to a home such as color and fragrance. I'm sure that most will agree with me but there are people who rather grow vegetables. Most likely for the food resource, although if you do not like flowers than you can go with vegetables. No matter your choice you find out that growing plants indoor or outdoor is easier then most people expect.

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