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Agriculture is a branch of biology that studies the wide scope of crops like rice, corn, cassava, etc. and its practical applications. Enormous issues related to agriculture have been raised daily by the community and some analysts. The most controversial among these is the continuing struggle of every nation on food shortage.

Just last May, the issue about “rice shortage” alarmed the entire world including the United States of America. Rice producers and manufacturers jacked up the price of rice as an immediate response to the crisis. It must be clear though that rice or food shortage is also a global concern, may it be caused by the unusual climate changes or even the agriculture itself.

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 In an audio podcast of “A Farmers View on Food Shortage”, the speaker emphasizes that the food crisis could be brought by global warming and industrialization.

This global warming could produce inconsistent climate conditions which affect weather patterns that may prolong drought and cool seasons leading to a massive starvation even in the United States because of food crisis.

On the latter part of the podcast, David Rai advises that in order to sustain and survive from the food crisis that the people are now facing, they must learn to conserve the use of rice by means of eating fruits, vegetables, and the like although rice has been considered by many as a staple food, highly demanded.

The issue of rice, an agricultural aspect of biology, catches the attention of the people at large since it has been considered as the food of life among the greater half of the population located anywhere in the world. But whether or not the problem is about rice shortage or food crisis, the ones to blame are the people themselves and are expected to respond to this problem.

And in order to conserve the supply of an agricultural crop like rice, these people should be guided to increase the production of rice, and provide agricultural assistance to those who are in dire need of the basic food of life, “rice.”

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