Belief in Catholicism and the Supernatural: A Diverse Society with Different Gifts and Lifestyles

Last Updated: 30 Mar 2023
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We are strong Catholic believers, and we know there is ore to this world than just what our eyes can withhold. Much like the Agenda, I believe that there are people who have gifts given to them at birth as well. The Agenda people know that once they are born, they are given the gift of witchcraft. Just like some people In my culture have the ability to see, talk, and hear those who are no longer living. We both believe In the aspects and lurks about death.

Think about the ways in which members of your society are compelled to behave in socially acceptable ways. How do these differ from one another?

The way I see this is that in our society we are all mixed and in different areas. We are all forced to learn about respect, and cooperation towards one another. In our society men and women can play the same roles, have same work ethic, and children. We are such a diverse country others might see this as a dishonor or Just straight up "unusual". There could even be those who see our life style as a freedom. The Agenda people remind me as of being "old-fashioned". Just for the fact that the men, play the big role in the family.

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They are the leaders basically the "big man on amp's" but for the family. Now the women stand by their men and take care of their children. In their community they all stick together and marry within them. They aren't so diverse like us; they even have websites so they could stay connected and together. In our society we do whatever we want basically, we really do not have much to follow but government policies. Agenda people have rules and standards they must be obeyed. We don't care and they respect their living situations.

Do you employ logic that Is similar or different when explain negative thoughts?

I am the type of person who always thinks negatively, even when the outcome turns out to be a positive one, but I do believe that some Incidents are Just accidents. Thoughts are always luring in everyone's mind, even when nothing bad Negative either could have stepped wrong or you couldn't have been paying attention. Necessarily, Just because that occurred doesn't mean it was planned or plotted against you. The Agenda believe that the simplest injury is never Just a coincidence or an accident, either its witchcraft or someone is against you.

I can understand their viewpoint, but sometimes bad luck Just happens in life. Like say for those who are "accident prone" for instant, they are Just people who can't help but get injured in their own majestic ways. It is not that they have enemies; they are just not the most careful people in the world. I do think negative a lot, but in my standing point sometimes nature Just takes its course and things happen without our control. I'm probably the most negative person out there, but I do consider the saying "accidents happen".  Is there several different "System of logic" that may be invoked, depending upon the circumstances? If you are depending on the situation, then yes there are different logics. Accidents do happen, but from another moral they aren't always a random act of kindness. This is a cruel world, and no one is going to hold your hand. You will always have somebody who dislikes, envies you, or Just wants you gone. Then this could possibly happen, some humans in this world will go beyond the circumstance to get there way.

Agenda believe in attacking their enemy with the powers and magic f witchcraft. When someone gets injured or has a medical issue we'd all like to think it was not intentional, right? That isn't always the case now. When death takes place in our society, it is usually attempt of murder, actual murder, or suicide. Getting hurt now or hurting others isn't always an act of kindness, therefore the Agenda people do have a point when they are feeling victimized by one another. Everyone has different methods of reaction when it comes to their enemies, but they are not always a "wise" choice.

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