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This advert will aim at introducing white chocolate in the Indian market. The following is a brief about the advisement.

White chocolate is a portfolio of the Cadbury chocolate. Unlike the other chocolate which are dark purple in appearance, white chocolate comes in white milky color.  It also comes in different sizes starting with 45 gram bars, 100 gram bars, and 250 gram bars or the King size bar.  It is mostly preferred dues to it color and its grainy texture which turns very smooth in the mouth.

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(ii)               Advertising objectives

The following will be the objectives of this advertisement putting into consideration that this will be the first time the product will be appearing in the market.;

·         Induce trail usage of the product

·         Intensify usage of the  product

·         Build a personality brand appeal

·         Generate sales lead

(iii)             Target market

According to the market research data, it has been shown that white chocolate is famous among the female segment of the population. However chocolate is famous among children and therefore this advertisement will be target both market. It will be aiming at reaching both the female adult population and children

(iv)             Positioning statement

This advisement will be aiming to create a brand personality around the dream. Therefore it will be expressed in such a way that it appear to the most female characteristic so that they can associate themselves with the brand.

In order to create positioning through association, the advertisement the following position statement;

‘My white chocolate, my dream’

(v)               Key messages

There are key message that will e expressed in this advertisement. Key among them will be the aim of creating a close association with the brand. The advertisement will look to appeal to the female market segment by associated with most of the characteristics that they like.

For example the advisement will be produced in blue and white colors which have been found favorite among women.

The other message that the advertisement will be taking across to the consumer is price advantage. Although there is not close competitor in the white chocolate market, it is clear that the chocolate the dark chocolate has dominated the market. Therefore it will be looking at appealing to the population to consider switching on to the white chocolate due to its price advantage.

Media plan

The marketing plan will use three channels for advertisement. These will include broadcast media, print media, and internet.

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