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Milk Chocolate vs Dark Chocolate

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Do you find yourself favoring your chocolate to be smooth and creamy or dark and beneficial? One might argue that dark chocolate in comparison to milk chocolate is similar to a Coca Cola and a diet Coca Cola. Whichever your chocolate preference may be, there are millions of different mouth watering assortments ready to be eaten. I am a fan of dark chocolate and the small, but significant health benefits it offers me. Safe to say the majority of people have encountered both milk and dark chocolate at some point in their lives.

Immediately, one will recognize that milk types tend to be softer, sweeter, and addicting. The difference between the two is; milk chocolate is prepared with more milk powder or condensed milk rather than cocoa. This mix creates a smoother quality of chocolate, followed by the consumers’ taste buds instant cravings for more. Also, milk chocolate was introduced first; therefore, most candy bars on grocery store shelves will be milk based. Bear in mind, despite the luscious taste, any one who guzzles a candy bar of course has to work off the excess calories, saturated fats, and carbs later.

In contrast, dark chocolate lovers are choosing a healthier route to treat themselves to. Although both types nearly equate in calorie consumption, dark chocolate, unlike milk chocolate provides antioxidants that are valuable to the heart. Also, for individuals with dairy restricted diets, there is nothing more to fear. Dark chocolate is purposely made lactose free; therefore lactose intolerants can refrain from avoiding those chocolaty deserts and enjoy!

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Milk Chocolate vs Dark Chocolate

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Regardless of the nutrients that come from dark chocolate, it is still advised to discipline your self around these tasty delights. Perhaps some devotees might find limiting servings of dark chocolate simple considering the bitter taste, but I on the other hand beg to differ. Under my jurisdiction, the pros of dark chocolate defeat the pros of milk chocolate by far. I would even consider opting dark a wiser decision because ones desires are met, with less of the consequences to deal with later.

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