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Advance Criminology

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From the beginning of the world, there are two terms generated among the human beings i.e. Peace and Crime, not only in the Human being but also among the creatures of world. “Crime is an activity prohibited or not authorized by law that may be punishable by the governing authority”.

Generally, the offence begins among the people for the following reasons i.e. money, property, and women. There are several types of offences committed in all the communities, when it became serious it got the face of Cognizable and if it is simple in nature   it is called Non cognizable.  The cognizable offices are usually serious in nature.

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Advance Criminology

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Mostly the crimes committed by the youth are Theft, Robbery, Dacoit, Murders etc.  Because the youth are prone to do any illegal acts to achieve something or due to aberration by the Political leaders, adults as well as parents.

Other than youth, the following crimes may occur like Assault, Cheating, Forgery, Nuisance etc. if the weapons are used by the youth then it become very serious crime which is called Cognizable offence. But predominantly the sexual offences are occurred by youth only, like Adultery, Bigamy,  Rape Where the question of committing the offence of Rape a youth may do it to overcome his passion or to fulfill his sexual desire or any enmity with that particular female.

  Where the question of sexual offence is concerned, It is not true to say that only Males commit crime, while females are with the par avian of males in the same manner. The punishment for any cognizable offence is Death sentence, life imprisonment, 10 years imprisonment fine or both respectively.

In the present scenario of the world mostly sexual offences are in frequency among the youth, because new generation became independent. “Since the early 1990’s, youth violence has become a policy priority at entry level of American Government”[2].

Every body yearn for freedom with all respect and more over there are lot of facilities to make contact with each other by means of communications like, through Cell, Internet etc and as well as there is no provision on International Level.

Where as property matters are concerned crimes may occur in non cognizable comparison to other criminal offences. On the other hand crime is based on gender; race like Black, White, but this issue is mostly in U.S.A. As per the History of USA Blacks were not always been given an opportunities of juries, and they have been assassinated for the little violation of existing law and many of these killings occurred without any legal process.

Though the Supreme court has done efficient control over this, yet the system could not eliminate racial bias.

On the other hand the Carolyn Snurkowski of the Florida attorney generally office believes that the disproportionate number of blacks on death row  can explain the fact that, Many black murders result from barroom brawls that  wouldn’t call for the death penalty, but many white murders occur  on top of another offense, such as robbery” (as cited in Gest,1986.)

This may be true but the Washington legal Foundation says that “blacks are arrested for murder at a higher rate than whites.”

Violence has become a part of accepted backdrop in United States; there are also stringent laws to curtail them[3]. What we need now is social investment which will drive out the crimes most effectively. It is the time to act on that lines or else the next generations will feel the mistakes done by the present generation.

Ultimately there is no end of crime and offences are being committed by youth It is true that we cannot find any country where there is no crime. It is also fact that there is no end of crime till the Doomsday.



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