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Admitting average or mediocre students into college has not debased american higher education

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American higher education is one of the oldest in the world. Since the establishment of the first higher institute of education in the country, there has been tremendous growth in the number of students admitted to our higher education institutions every year.

In deed, College education has been the aspiration of the many young adults in the country.  As the modern technology takes centre state in life, education has become in important tool to assist a student to cut an edge in the technology driven economy.

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However the issue of admission to American colleges has remained controversial in respect to the admission of average or mediocre students. While some have argued that the admission of average and mediocre students has debased American higher education, this paper strongly refutes this claim. Poor base structure in our education system can be held responsible for debasing American higher education.

American education poor base structure debasing higher education

According to the charter of human rights, every student has the right to education and admitting average or mediocre students does not debase American higher education (Guinner, 1998).

There have been differeing college admission criteria which have denied some students a chance to acquire higher education.  It has been argued that average or mediocre students have debased American higher education but there are other factors which have debased the higher education.

First we have to understand what makes an average of mediocre students.  There are many factors which are used to grade students and therefore determine their entry criteria to higher education institutions.  Some of these factors include the low grades, SAT scores, environment and social behavior factors.

Therefore these factors determine the ability of the student to purse higher education. However some of the average or mediocre students have performed better than other students. Therefore the first point that refutes this claim is that our system has poorly divided and graded our students (Thill, 2006).

SAT has been widely used in determining the eligibility of a student to higher education institutions.  There are many scholars who argued against the use of SAT to determine the eligibility of student to higher education arguing that it is flawed and very unreliable.

The first factor that has debased American higher education is the use of SAT in determining the eligibility of students. Therefore we can say that there are no averages or mediocre students but we only have a mediocre system that is used to scrutinize them and this system is SATs.

There are other college admission criteria that have debased American higher education system. There are some students who are admitted to college based on their past sports record. Rothchild (2008) argue that there are a number of top colleges which pay students exorbitant amounts of money or award with possessions in order to sway students to join their colleges and play for their teams.

No one is quite sure whether the coaches who admit these students to their team really look into the minds like the SAT test looks into student minds.  Most of these students do not really deserve to be college student as their mediocre or average classmate.

This means that it is not the admission of average and mediocre students which has debased American higher students but rather the discriminate admission of students based on other factor like sports career.

Admitting average or mediocre students into college has not debased american higher education essay

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