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What is an actor? “Actors play parts or roles in dramatic productions on the stage, in motion pictures, on television or radio, or on the Internet. They impersonate, or portray, characters by speech, gesture, song, and dance” (Actor). Some people believe that an actor is only a person who wants to get famous; however, to be a stand-out actor, one must endure extensive education, know the numerous responsibilities, and be aware of the advantages of this career. Without having actors, we won't have any movies to watch.

Obviously, education is an essential part of being a successful actor. To become one, there aren't really any educational requirements one will need. However, one must at least need a high school diploma. If an actor needs more practice, they would want to take classes in english, speech, and participate in theater productions. Taking more classes having to do with acting is beneficial for them to be successful.

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An actor who has completed a liberal arts program is usually assumed to be more capable of understanding the variety of roles available. Therefore, it is recommended that they at least complete a bachelor's degree program in dramatic arts or theater. Actors who want to teach dramatic arts usually continue their education by receiving a M.F.A, known as a master of fine arts degree. This study may include courses in speech, stage, playwriting, directing, movement and design, along with intensive acting workshops. Often, colleges provide the want-to be actor with good acting experience.

More than 500 universities and colleges offer dramatic arts programs and present theatrical performances. Directors recommend that people who are interested in acting gain as much experience as they can through acting in high school and college. People recommend training beyond college, especially for people who are interested in entering the theater. Joining acting workshops is highly competitive, but it is professionally rewarding. There is no certification needed for actors (Actor). Therefore, becoming an actor has a lot of education and many steps to go through that one might want to know before going into acting so they can succeed!

Best of the best actors play roles or parts in productions in motion, on the radio, on stage or television, or on the internet. They portray characters by speech, song, gesture, and dance. There are around 63,000 actors in the world. Actors have to find a part available in upcoming productions. This part may be drama, comedy, opera, or musical. When the actor has read and studied their part, they must audition before other people and the director will have control of the production. This is targeted for established artists. In television and film, actors must complete screen tests, a screen test is a scene recorded on a film, sometimes they are performed with other actors. They are then viewed by the director and producer. If they do get the part, the actor must rehearse their lines over again.

New upcoming technology is changing how actors work. Technical advancements in motion capture characters that do not exist in real life. Actors also will perform with the fake characters to make the film seem real. Radio actors must be skilled in emotion through voice. If actors want a part in theater roles, one must dance and sing and spend more time rehearsing their parts. Actors may also spend weeks, months, or even years just rehearing their parts. That allows one to develop their role, but it can be a challenge. One often travels around the world just to film their movie. Ones that are attending the television must participate in parts such as soap operas and spend years playing their role. Ones also work as extras. Extras are people who are in the back of a film.

The best way to learn more about acting is to participate in local school productions. Try to attend dramatic productions, the more one participates, the better they get. Try talking to people in this field for advice. The library also has a variety of books on acting to start their career. It includes the disadvantages, offerings and advantages of acting. One can also get advice from their drama teacher. The best way to start acting is to act as young as you can. It is rare that one experienced in acting is given the opportunity to perform in Hollywood. Acting is extremely difficult to get into. People who are going to Hollywood are encouraged to have enough money to support themselves to pay for the long wait before landing a job! One may list themselves with a casting agency that will help them along the way. The job of an agency is to keep one name on a file with a photograph with the person on it (Actor). There is a lot that goes on in responsibilities, but the advantages are better and easier for one to understand.

First starting out, actors usually want a part that only has a few lines. The actor would then go into larger roles, if they went to the theatre, they could get a role as an understudy for being the main character. As an understudy, one learns the basic roles of the main character; therefore if one is sick or can not perform, the understudy will fill in for them. Many people who are on the television get their start in commercials or by appearing on sponsored shows. Other actors may join the soap opera. Another way to start acting is to present the weather on a news program. Once one gains experience, they may start to join in strong roles. There on, one may go on to stardom. However, only a couple actors reach that limit in their career. One may also go on to be an acting coach.

The advantages of a wage scale for actors is controlled through bargaining agreements reached by unions in negotiations with the producers. The agreement controls one's minimum salary, hours of work, and other conditions of employment. In 2014, the minimum salary of one from the Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists was $889 for a day or $3,083 for a five-day week. Motion picture actors may receive other payments. A wide range of one's earnings will be seen when looking over their Actors’ Equity Associations’ Theatrical Season Report. Just like many other fields, acting has not spared the effects on an economy in recession. Salaries in a year have declined. The hourly earnings of all actors was $22.15 per hour and $46,072 per year in 2016. The United States Department of Labor stated that the highest paid 10 percent made more than $90 an hour.

The earnings of one’s in movies and television are affected by periods of unemployment. Unions offer welfare, health and pension funds for one’s working over a specific number of weeks each year. Some actors are given paid vacations and free sick time, depending on their work contract. If one is sick multiple times, they might not get those benefits.

Actors in television may earn tens of thousands of dollars weekly, while others earn $1 million or more each week. While in films, one may earn $20 million per film along with their percentage of gross earnings. These stars may earn even more money. In recent years, female stars tend to get lower salaries than males. Stars, like Jennifer Lawerence, Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and more started to reduce that trend. However, the earnings for motion picture actors are frequently low for well known performers because of how much they have been unemployed. A handful of actors will not receive their unemployment when waiting for their next part, mostly because they did not work well enough to meet the requirements. Vacations and sick leaves are not available to the actor. However, the one’s acting in union, receive the lowest expectations now receive their full health insurance under all unions. One’s who earn benefits for 10 years become more likely to become eligible for a pension upon retiring. The acting field is uncertain. Actors never know if they will get into acting.

One may work under various conditions. People who are in motion pictures might work in the desert one week and in cold studios the next week. However, people working in stage productions work in various sorts of weather conditions. One also works many hours a week. People going out for stage acting usually perform around eight shows a week. A basic workweek, after the shows open, is around 36 hours of performing, unless there are changes. The number of hours one works in a week is based more before the opening, because of rehearsals. An actor's evening work is natural, especially participating in stage productions. Rehearsals are held at night and over weekends and holidays. Much traveling is involved if the play is on the road.

The acting field is going to grow through 2022. There are various reasons and explanations for this. The growth of mobile media in the past decade created demands for many actors. The rise of home entertainment created new jobs for acting. For actors employed in theater, it is going to gradually grow less than actors employed in television and film. The cost of getting a film a production popular increased in recent years. Small theatres find it even more difficult to find funding than larger theaters. There are more actors than there are roles, this is going to remain true throughout many years. This is accurate in areas of the arts, television, and theatre.

Some actors boost their income by working at other jobs, such as being a waiter. Most actors are members from more than one union. Only a few people are able to support the earnings they get. Most actors don’t get famous while being in their career. Most actors are looking for the right time to go on break. There are many more applicants in these areas than there are positions. Most people come into this career out of their love of acting (Actor). Although there is a ton of hard work that goes into being an actor, those advantages are definitely worth it.

After much research, one can see there is a lot of preparation to be a top-notch actor. It is highly recommended to at least earn a high school diploma. Continuous education is essential to keep up with the multitude of skills, as well as, the responsibilities. Lastly, if one is serious about this career, one will reap the rewards of a hefty salary, some vacation time and health insurance to name a few advantages.

I choose my career, as an actor, because I wanted to learn more about their salaries and what kind of schooling they have to go through. Two fascinating facts I learned about acting is that I do not need a lot of schooling; I just need a high school diploma. Another fact is that I will get paid a lot if I am a top-notch actor. I can get paid $20 million per film, but that all depends on how the film does. I am still interested in this career because the salary is really good depending on how the film does. I also can get to meet other famous actors. 

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