Aaliyah: an Angel Back to Heaven

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Aaliyah: An Angel Back to Heaven When I was younger, I looked up to my older sister a great deal. Anything that she did, I wanted to do. She was like my hero, or that cartoon character ever child wanted to go up and be like. When my sister and I were growing up, we listened to a lot of music and watched a lot of cartoons, but only because she wanted to. My sister, Christine, had a favorite rapper and singer. Now her rapper choice I thought was great but he wasn’t my favorite. Christine, or sometimes Tine, favorite rapper was Tupac Shakur.

Though we did not agree on the same rapper, we did however, agree on our favorite singer together. We both chose an artist by the name of Aaliyah Dana Haughton. The first time I heard her music I fell in love. Aaliyah D. Haughton was born on January 16, 1979 in Brooklyn, New York. She was one of the best recording artist of her time. I loved her voice and her style. She wasn’t the girly type of R&B singer that was mostly seen. She had her own style and that is one of the things I loved about her. Another thing I loved about her is that her song spoke truth and had real meaning.

She didn’t just make a song to try to make a hit. Aaliyah related to the emotions of her fans and connected people with her. Because of this, she was loved by so many different types of people. Though Aaliyah was a beautiful and talented artist, she did not get to have a long life legacy. After shooting her last video, “Rock the Boat”, in the Bahamas, she got on a plane and left to head back to the U. S. On Augusta 25, 2001, that plane did not make it to the United States. Because they were in a rush to get back home, because they finished the video shoot early, they had to get on a smaller plane with all of their luggage.

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Instead of landing on an airway back in the states, the plane crashed approximately 200 meters away from where it took off. The plane crashed killed everyone aboard, including my favorite singer Aaliyah. My sister came home and turned on the television. That’s when I saw it. I saw the plane burnt to black ash and people cleaning up the debris. The headline flashed, “ Aaliyah killed in plane crash. ” I was so heart broken. I couldn’t believe she was gone. I felt like I lost apart of me. Ever since that day, I never had a favorite singer. I felt like that place was reserved for her.

People around the world knew she was special. They said she was just an angel here for a short time. She had to be sent back to heaven. This tragedy made a great impact on my life. It made me realize that even at a young age, commayou could leave this world. I have three older sisters but I only spent time trying to get close to one. That was my sister Christine, who I looked up to the most. After this accident, I started to bond more with my other two sisters. With this I also begin to bond more with my nieces, nephews, parents, and my younger cousins.

Though Aaliyah was not a part of my own family, I felt like she was a family member I lost. She did more than entertain with her music. She was a role model for me. I loved her poise, her style, the way she talked, and just even the things she was about. Even though I did not know her personally by meeting her, I felt like I knew a great deal about her from her music and the things I use to read about her. Even though I was only eight years old when Aaliyah died, it impacted my life a great deal. Though I did not get to meet her personally, her death made me realize things at a young age.

Of course I knew that everyone was to die, but that would happen when they were real old. It never occurred to me that young people died everyday until her death. Even at a very young age, it made me realize, though it had been preached in church, that everyday is not promised. When I started to bond with my family more, there were less problems and more laughter. I even helped my mother’s and father’s side of the family bond more. This has changed my life greatly, because I have such a great support system now. Though her death was a tragedy, it brought joy into my life and my family.

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