A Snowflake Is Winter’s Butterfly

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A snowflake is winter’s butterfly. When I awakened, very early, the ground was covered with little pearly snowflakes. They had floated gently from the sky, twirling and whirling. Millions in flight, blanketing the ground with sparkling little pictures traced in a line, and shining whitely. Some magician must have come and by the starlight, worked through all the quiet darkness. I must be dreaming, after what happened… Daddy told me he had a surprise for me, boy do I like surprises! We were going to hunt for reindeers in the mountains near our house. My eyes immediately set aglow, my heart felt warm and excitement rushed through my body.

I was finally going to kill my first reindeer and he will fall before me after my finger pulled that trigger. Although I was just a little girl, I always wanted to go and hunt with my daddy and now was my opportunity so I packed a full picnic basket with lots of freshly baked cookies. I gazed in wonder at my first coat as we were leaving the house. We walked and talked for hours. Although the air was crisp and stirring, love kept me warm and laughter filled me with unspeakable joy. We had a map and when dad said he was just going to peek if the river was nearby, as indicated on the map, I saw something and ran after it.

I ran till my lungs burnt and finally came to a sudden stop. I looked around in horror for my daddy but he was now where to be found. After minutes of searching, which felt like hours, the sun said good bye and the night sky greeted with a very chilly, thin wind. I was freezing, shivering and shaking like a pudding in a mould. I was colder than the contents of a million ice cream cones. Oh, I could not feel my fingers neither my toes. Wait, there was something but I couldn’t move. It has been hours in this snow storm. It came closer and closer… A reindeer approached me, pushing his nose against me.

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I was scared to death and therefore prayed for help. A sudden relief swept over me and the reindeer pushed his nose against me for the second time as if to tell me – “You’re going to be all right”. A sound escaped it’s throat, and the second reindeer came closer, watching, guiding and then in seconds, the two reindeers came lying beside me, covering me, and warming me. I fell asleep as graceful beauty came raining down, each snowflake like a falling star, smiling beauty that spun afar. I felt peace and serenity before me for the first time in hours.

The sun rose higher and higher with his wand of golden fire. I was suddenly awake after the most beautiful dream. DADDY!!! He was calling for me. He searched all night and when he saw me lying there he joyfully embraced me. I told him the miraculous story and he smiled down at me with love and happiness. A snowflake is winter’s butterfly. It doesn’t have the intention of harming you, nor trying to kill you with a snowflake-thunderstorm. It touches your soul lightly until finally you are saved by love. Even by the love of an animal you were so excitedly ready to kill. Charlene Total words: 553

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