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Winter Season Essay: Return to Childhood or Inability to Do It

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Winter… There are a lot of people who like it as well as those who hate it. One of the main reasons why people like winter is that they are given an opportunity to return to their childhood, to play snowballs, to make a snowman, or just to sledge.

But, those people who are unable to do it, those who are busy too much to notice the whole beauty of this season usually dwell upon chill wind, cold weather, wet and dirty clothes and other negative effects from winter.

Turning to winter season essay writing, students usually try to focus their attention on the topics which are close to them, which are close to their personal experience and attitude. Here are some ideas one may use for writing a winter season essay.

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Winter Season Essay: Return to Childhood or Inability to Do It

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Discussion around winter season essays

  1. Students may pay attention to winter as to the holiday for children. It is a great opportunity to return to personal childhood in a winter season essay.
  2. Students can discuss the problem of bad weather in their winter season essays.
  3. It can be great to express personal opinion about winter in students’ winter season essays.
  4. Students can take any movie about show and highlight it in their winter season essay, e.g. Snow (2004).
  5. The beauty and the danger of snow may be chosen as the main point for students’ discussion in winter season essays.
  6. Students can also choose a topic of snow games. There are a lot of different winter games and sports which may be discussed in students’ winter season essays. Why should students lose an opportunity to describe their first experience of playing one, if there was any personal experience?

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