A Review of a Car Accident

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Last Updated: 05 Jan 2023
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Mary, aged 24 was in a car accident and was forced to have a hysterectomy, yet she now wishes to have a child. Her body therefore cannot produce eggs and no way she can fall pregnant. Her best friend and boyfriend died in a car accident and Mary becomes the legal guardian of their child.

Mary is driving with a friend back from the movies when a drunk driver goes through a red robot and crashes into them. The ambulance arrives and using the Jaws of Life, breaks them out of the car. She is rushed to hospital where the doctors immediately start operating on her. She wakes up with her face and body bruised and cut and is suffering a bit of amnesia. She falls back asleep and is awoken by a friendly doctor explaining the operation they performed and that they had to remove her ovaries. She is in distress but starts coming to terms with it.

Mary is fetched, taken home by her mom and dad and is carried to bed. She starts having nightmares about her life without a child to love and hold. The next morning her boyfriend Ben comes over and tries to be optimistic and cheer her up. But to no avail Mary is still distraught and begins to cry.

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Mary reminds Ben of a life with a child and how happy Tristan and Frank (their best friends) are with their baby girl who is now 3 months. Mary calls Tristan and Frank and asks them out to a movie. Tristan phones a babysitter and organises her baby girl to be looked after. The babysitter arrives and the group depart for the movies. They watch a movie and decide to stop off and stay for a meal as well. Together they have a few drinks and eat their supper. Tristan quickly lifts up her watch and with a fright of the time ask for the bill. Tristan apologises but she has forgotten about the time and her babysitter must go home soon.

Mary and Ben wave goodbye as Tristan and Frank speed off home, while Mary and Ben take their time. A man on a bicycle at night with no lights on, driving the opposite the traffic is not seen by Tristan and they smack into the man and finally swerve to smash into a tree. The ambulance arrives and two doctors place white sheets over the two and they shake their heads. Mary wakes up with a phone call early hours of the morning, receives the shocking news and proceeds to slump back in the bed staring into space.

The next day Mary and Ben are sitting next to each other grasping their hands while a lawyer tells them that they are the Baby's future guardians. Mary turns to Ben, squeezes his hand harder and with a tear in her eye turns to Ben. Ben smiles at her and squeezes her hand. Her hand reaches out for a pen and while shaking with a sad excitement gladly signs the papers.

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